Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We Set A Record Last Night!

And I don't even know for sure what it was. We were warned about a late spring freeze last night. It actually got down into the high 20's and we set a new low. I went out last night and covered up my clematis that has about a gazillion buds on it. Really about a hundred.

I went out last night and took this picture of my neighbor's dogwood tree. I am afraid after the freeze last night, the bloomage won't last long. Is bloomage a word? If a bird has ploomage, can't a tree have bloomage. Let's see how long it takes this word to show up in Webster's Dictionary.

That's my Japanese Maple on the right of the picture. It doesn't bloom, but I don't know if the cold will hurt the leaves. It is really pretty in the spring, but by the time the cotton is planted across the street and sprayed, my tree will look a bit puney.
This picture is of my Redbud tree. It was in full bloom last week, but with the wind we had a few days ago, most of the blooms have not fallen off.
I was on my way home yesterday and smelled some freshly turned soil. With all the rain we've had, that was a welcome fragrance. Hopefully, the farmers can start getting into the fields and things will be back to normal.
I can't wait for the clematis blooms. It is a soft lavendar color and is one big bloom. And I love the way the blooms look once the petals are gone. They sorta swirl around. I don't pinch them off, because they are so different.
I'd like to thank daughter#2 for winning a book for me from Baking and Books blog. I had installed a new printer at home, and afterward for a while couldn't go to the comments section of several of the blogs I read. When I told her about my problem, she submitted a comment on my behalf, and won. What a great daughter she is. And so are you daughter#1. Don't want any fighting going on betweens sista's.
Tell me about what's blooming in your life today. It doesn't have to be a tree or flowers, it can be anything or anyone. I have to know.
Have a happy Tuesday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


kacey said...

Our Japanese maple didn't make it through the winter...darnitall! Our dogwood isn't in bloom yet.

Lisa J said...

My grandbaby will be here tomorrow night. I will have her for four wonderful days. Now lets just hope I get to feeling better to enjoy her to the fullest. That's whats blooming here in northeast Oklahoma.

Laura B. said...

Such pretty trees! We've had a couple of cold snaps here in Georgia...first one nipped my Japanese Magnolia...*sigh* It was just getting pretty and then it stopped blooming. This one I'm afraid will nip my apple tree. It's just busting out in blooms and looks so pretty, hopefully it won't get quite as cold as they're saying tonight. :-)

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

It was a cold and frosty morning here too!


Have a wonderful day! :-)

Ryo said...

It's so hot and sunny in SoCal! BWAHAHA!

Memaw's memories said...

Ryo is rubbing in her beautiful weather. A group of my co-workers is in Los Angeles this week for a seminar. They are enjoying California weather also.

Just remember fellow bloggers, summer's a coming.

Thanks Ryo for keeping us humble.

Tara said...

Mwwuuaaahhh......Where's the first one when you need her to be around?

By the way...your word verification thing made me type a curse word.

Oh, The Joys said...

Just popping in to tell you that "Rooster" is extrapolated (spelling?) from her real name.

I realize a rooster is male, but my Rooster does have a mighty crow -- and I hope she'll be powerful, confident and strong... able to give any real roosters the business!

Will said...

My 7th grade science teacher had a "wild" party for us once. He made fried dandelion blooms and Redbud salad. He pulled the pink blooms from the branches, rinsed and patted dry,then sprinkled atop a salad. It was so pretty and really tasty. I've always remembered that redbud salad.

I also remember pulling honeysuckle flowers from my Granny's honeysuckle bush and sucking the nectar out of them as a kid. Nothing sweeter than that. So good.

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