Monday, April 21, 2008

Does Batman Have Blonde Hair?

As many of you know, my daughter-in-law and the two grand children are staying with me since she has started her new job, and while they continue to look for a house/land or someplace to live. My son has remained at the other house to finish up some contracting jobs and sell the house they have in NW Arkansas.

Needless to say, there is never a dull moment at my house. The baby is now 10 months old, walking and quite entertaining, but she can't hold a candle to her 4 year old brother. He has Superman and Batman pj's complete with capes, and whenever he dons these outfits, he becomes the super hero on this clothes.

Saturday night after he got his Batman pj's on, I heard him ask his mother, 'Does Batman have blonde hair?'. You may have guessed by now, his is blonde, and he wants to be completely accurate in his potrayal of the Caped Crusader(that is Batman, right?) She got tickled and I didn't hear her answer, but I'm sure she said probably since he would have been totally crushed had the answer been 'no'.

I was telling one of the ladies at church yesterday morning after he'd introduced himself as Bruce Wayne(Batman's counterpart, which I'm sure you already knew) and she had a really good answer. She mentioned that you can't see Batman's hair since it is always covered with the thing he wears on his head with the pointed ears. Now who would have thunk it? You would totally think Batman's hair would be the same color as Bruce Waynes, but if he can transform himself into a Bat, I guess he could change his hair color.

Oh, and by the way, I have convinced him that John Wayne is Bruce Waynes' father and that I was Wonder Woman when I was younger, but when I gained weight, I had to return the costume since it no longer fit. And even though I swore him to secrecy, he has managed to tell several people that I'm Wonder Woman. As you can see, I'm doing my part to warp my grandchildren.

So, do you think Batman could have blonde hair? I'd like to know your opinion. It's that nosey thing I have going on.

Have a great Monday. Do something silly today. Make someone smile.


Lisa J said...

Oh how sweet. Batman can have whatever color hair your little one wants. It's HIS Batmas afterall. You are going to so enjoy having them there with you for the short time till they move. Your house will be so quiet once they leave that you will have to have weekend gatherings with the grandkids to get your "lovin' fix"! Aren't grandkids great?!

Amy said...

Too CUTE!!! I just love the absolute innocent statements and remarks of young children! I especially love the fact that under the age of 5, they will believe most everything you tell them.... and NOT question your every word!

Besure to write down or keep a journal of all the fun stuff he says and does while they are staying with you. LOL It will be priceless for his family someday.

IzzyBeth said...


Well, if you watch the Batman movies - the person playing Batman changes everytime so his hair has been all different colors.

And my brother used to say that if you spun around really fast, you could turn into Wonder Woman!

Laura B. said...

What an awesome story!!! My cousin used to believe he was Superman and tried to "fly" off their garage roof...the adventure ended in a broken collarbone and lots of tears...hopefully your grandbaby won't take it to that level.

Will said...

It would certainly HAVE to be natural, after all no self-respecting super hero would EVER dye his hair.

I'm guessing that Bat Man has brown hair. Now, Aqua Man, the Green Lantern, Ark Angel, Hawk Man, and Thor--they have blond hair. Don't see those PJ's running around though huh.

#1daughter said...

I had forgotten how much our Batman talks. Geesh. But he's so cute. Bless his heart.

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