Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just Another Rainy Thursday

I thought the rain was supposed to be over yesterday. That's what I get for thinking. I woke up a couple of times last night and could hear it raining each time. Our version of the Santa Ana Wind was blowing too. Only ours had rain in it rather than embers.

I'm so thankful that we've been spared from all the catastrophies that have happened in our world. We have hurricanes to the south east of us. In North and South Carolina and Georgia there has been a terrible drought. It has been so bad that Atlanta has been threatened with no water, because water has to be diverted to make sure the mussels don't die out. No further comment will be made on that situation.

The west has been plagued with fires, and all around us have seen more than their share of late season tornados. Even though we had an extremely dry summer, we have had a good bit of rain this fall and I think are about back to normal.

The interesting thing to see though is where the cotton stalks had been shredded, there has been new growth, and the new growth is about a foot tall. I couldn't help wonder if the weather stayed warm, if it would continue to grow, bloom and produce another crop. Wouldn't that be interesting?

Enough about the weather. My youngest daughter's youngest daughter embarrassed her last night. It seems they had gone to eat before church and another family from church was there eating also. One of them pointed out that Maddie had a tatoo on her hand of a pumpkin. She immediately said, 'I have another one' and with that statement, pulled her top up and showed the one on her belly. I thought this was really funny, and told my daughter that this wouldn't be the worst embarrassment she would ever endure at the hands of one of her children.

When I relayed the story to my oldest daughter, she said,' Serves her right, remember the time she wore my bra to the bank and showed it to everyone there?' Well, no, I don't remember that, but I'm sure it was quite funny at the time.

I would love a cup of coffee this morning, but alas, there is none to be had in my office, and I'm not much at bumming coffee from anyone else. But I'm cold, and it's wintery outside my window and I'm cold. I guess I'll just get to work and forget how much I'd like to have a cup. Actually there's this new coffee pot that grinds your beans and then makes the coffee. Williams Sonoma has one for $199, Bed Bath and Beyond has one for $129. I can't tell the difference in them, but since I don't seem to have an extra couple of hundred lying around anyplace, and since my bills are due, I guess I'll forgoe the nice coffeemaker and do with what I have. I just don't know why God saw fit to make me so good looking instead of rich. Doesn't he know that in this day and time, you can fix ugly.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cooler Weather

When I got home last night, my house was cold. In the 65 degree range. I got busy making dinner for myself and with the stove going in the kitchen, I was very comfortable.

Not wanting to turn on the central heat yet(you know how it smells when it is turned on for the first time all year) I thought the house would stay nice and toasty from the stove use. I was mistaken. By the time I went to bed, the house had cooled down into the high 50's, but after finding some warm pj's and getting under an extra blanket, I was soon comfortable and ready for a good night's sleep.

And yes, I slept like a baby in my mother's arms, but when I threw back the covers this morning, I was cold once again. Where did this cold weather come from you ask. I don't know. But just like the 'no spring' we had in the early part of the year, we are having the 'no fall' now. It was in the 80's the other day and now, today, it isn't even 50.

Needless to say that when I get home tonight, it will be time to get out the long lighter, grab a flashlight and attempt to get the pilot light lit and leave for a couple of hours so the 'smell' will be burnt out and I can stay warm.

I was hoping for a couple of weeks of mild weather so my utility meter could rest a bit. I've changed out almost all of my light bulbs for the energy efficient. I'm put in energy efficient windows, and now looks like it's time to add that extra 36 inches of insulation in the attic my son has been suggesting(yes son, I've been listening).

After all this complaining, it's time for me to add that I am most thankful that I live in an area that has not been tormented with Santa Ana winds and that sees only minor flooding from time to time. We have had an extremely dry summer, and the rain we've had has been welcome.

Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for all my wonderful blessings. Please give those in need the strength to make it through these trying times. Help the victims of fire and flood find the courage to overcome this adversity and to rebuild their lives.
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