Friday, August 11, 2006

Phone Call from Will

About 8:30 last night my phone rang. I didn't look to see who it was, but was quite pleasntly surprised to hear Will's voice on the other end. He was giggling and laughing and was in the best mood. We talked about all sorts of things. He wanted to know what we were going to do this weekend, and when the girls would be at the house. He said he was spending both Friday and Saturday nights at the house. And said he would be happy to sleep on the couch so Jeremy and Tara could have his bed.

He talked about recording The Blues Brothers movie. He's bringing it to the house to watch. We'll probably do that tonight. He wasn't sure if Tara would let Riley and Maddie watch it, since it has a few 'cuss' words in it. I told him we would have to ask.

After we hung up, I just sat and thought about how happy he sounded. I know he's glad to be home from his dad's house. He really loves his dad, but I think he missed his mom too. He brought back a picture of his great great grandfather on his dad's side of the family. It's a grainy photo of him in his WWI attire. It's amazing how much Will's dad looks like his ancestors. It actually looks like Richard dressed up as a dough boy.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Ivan, Memaw Bakes and the Mule

Once upon a time there was a Memaw, a little boy and a mule. Sounds like this is going somewhere cool, huh?

Actually the mule is a Kawasaki thing you use around the house or on a farm. It is gas powered, and is quite a lot of fun to ride around on. It is sorta like a gas powered golf cart. Ivan is a good driver. He sits, strapped in, and turns the steering wheel while the adult operates the gas and brake.

We checked on the real mules. They are Bud and Red, and made sure they had water. We drove out to the paper box and retrieved the newspaper, and generally just drove around the yard, which is 5 acres.

While I was there, Ivan called me Memaw if we were together, but if he was in a different room, he called me Memaw Bakes.

We spent time in the clubhouse his daddy built, and in the pool in the back yard. It's one of those 4' blue pools with the air ring on top. He especially likes to jump off the ladder.

Ivan is growing quite a personality. He likes for you to see that he is about to do something he shouldn't and see if you are going to stop him. Then he gets tickles. He was very good most of the time, but he has absolutely no patience, especially for a tired old memaw who has to stop and rest occasionally.

Will is finally home.

My 9 year old grandson has been visiting with his dad in Mississippi, and his granny in Illinois. He was gone a total of 8 weeks, with a week somewhere in the middle at home.

Needless to say, I've missed him a lot. Will is a very sweet young man. He says please, and thank you and is very considerate. He loves everyone, especially his younger cousins. I had been to NW Arkansas to stay with my youngest grandson this past weekend. When I came back, he was home. I went by to see him. He let me hug and kiss him all I wanted to, and says he's coming to spend the night with me Friday night.

He and his mother went school supply shopping Saturday. He has a backpack crammed, jammed full of stuff that he will take to open house later this month.

One thing he brought back with him from his Granny's house is a picture of his great great grandfather on his dad's side of the family. He is dressed in his WWI attire and if you didn't know better, you'd say it was Will's dad, Richard. It is amazing how much Richard looks like his great grandfather.
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