Friday, May 29, 2009

I Think Everyone Should Laugh

Someone sent me an audio the other day entitled Left Brain's Grocery List or Left.mp3. I intended to share it with all my friends, but, well, you know, just because I have a degree in computer information systems, doesn't mean I can make things work here. It is a lady named Jeanne Robertson. My thinking is that she is a speaker for Women's conferences probably christian based. It's an mp3 file and I don't have a clue how to make it work in my blog. If someone wants to send me instructions, I will attempt to make it work because it is definitely worth listening to.

By the time she finished her story, I was in tears, I was laughing so hard. She has a southern accent and a husband who obviously gives her lot's of material worth sharing.

That's all I've got today, just thinking of you, wanting to make you laugh, not being able to. Such is life. As JD Clampett would say, "Makes me feel lower than a snake's belly in a wagon rut".

Have a great Friday(and weekend). Pray for our country. Love one another.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rumors of My Demise

As Mark Twain once said,'Rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated'. Now I know that none of you thought I was dead, but some of you have contacted my daughter expressing concern for my conspicious absence. Let me express how much I appreciate you all for your concern and I'm genuinely sorry for the worry I've caused.

Well, everyone, it's just one of those things. I'm in a strange phase, mood, funk, something. I haven't much had a desire to do anything except hold my recliner down for fear it might float away.

And along with that, I just plain ole don't feel well. My bp is high, my glucose levels are high, and I just can't seem to get a handle on them. Oh, I'm working with my Dr, druggist, and a diabetes nutritionist, and hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can get me all straightened out. But it just gets so frustrating. Do I hear an AMEN on the frustrating.

Why isn't there a magic pill that will level everything out, make you thin and beautiful--well maybe beautiful is a little much to ask? I just get so dab burned, downright mad that I want to spit. Then I get to feeling sorry for myself, like that's going to help. Then I get to thinking about all the people who are much worse off than I, then I get ashamed of myself. It's some sort of viscious circle. One of those Catch 22 things. And who wants to hear about it all? I've probably lost everyone who started reading this by now.

But if you made it to this point, I hope you are having a great Wednesday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ten Questions To Ask Your Mother Now

My oldest daughter sent me an article from, with questions to ask your mother, and I decided to post them here. I don't know if she's planning to ask me these questions or not, but they seem hard. I know that there are a lot of questions I would have liked to ask my mother who died in an auto accident when I was 19.

Anyway, here they are. See what you think or go here and read the article. Oh and my smart alek answers.

1. What's the one thing you would have done differently as a mom?
Absolutely nothing, I was perfect.

2. Why did you choose to be with my father?
I was young and stupid.

3. In what ways do you think I'm like you?
None, you are more like your uncle John.

4. Which one of us kids did you like the best?
Whichever one I was talking to at the time.

5. Is there anything you have always wanted to tell me but never have?
Nope, I've not held too much back over the years.

6. Do you think it's easier or harder to be a mother now than when you were raising our family?
Yes, I was able to be at home with you when you were little.

7. Is there anything you regret not having asked your parents?
Not so much regret, as just things I'd like to know.

8. What's the best thing I can do for you right now?
Set up that appt with the nursing home, I'm tired of working for a living.

9. Is there anything that you wish had been different between us -- or that you would still like to change?
See answer #1. I think everything's still perfect.

10. When did you realize you were no longer a child?
What? You are saying I'm no longer a child? I have Peter Pan Syndrome. I'm never growing up.

My answers are all tongue in cheek. I have a hard time being serious. The questions, if answered in the way they are meant, are very thought provoking. But I can also see where they could cause one whopper of a family fight.

I've been thinking about working on an album for each of my children that chronicles their individual lives, and adding pictures of myself and their father when we were the same age of their pictures. I hope this is something I can work on at some point. I think it would be something they would enjoy.

Can you think of any other important questions you'd like to ask your mother?

Have a great Thursday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

DWTS Upset

Do you watch Dancing with the Stars? I have watched since season 3(I think) when Emmett Smith won. I enjoy watching all the dancing, but I could do without all the prep time they show on the first night and I could really do without all the stuff on the second night. Lets face it, the second night could be finished in a half hour.

But I was really shocked when Ty and Chelsie didn't get eliminated, but I think they were even more shocked. It was obvious that Lil Kim was in total shock, as was the look on everyone elses faces.

I just can't believe there are that many rodeo people voting for Ty, and I have no idea of the fan base for Jewel(I can't even tell you anything she sings). But evidently, it's pretty big for him to get to stay. I really like Ty. I bet he's an absolute hoot to be around. He seems to have a good sense of humor. He's just a good ole boy, who happens to be good at riding bulls, but I just have to agree with Len and the rest of the judges, he just doesn't have the smooth moves needed to dance.

If he gets past the next round, I'll be really surprised, just as he will I'm sure.

Have you watched the new show 'Cupid' about the guy who is from Mt Olympus and has to make 100 matches before he can go back. I think it's really cute. It's mushy, sappy and always has a good ending, but watching the interaction between him and the Dr. is really cute. She thinks he has some deep seated trauma that makes him think he's really Cupid, and he keeps trying to tell her he is. Me, my suspension of disbelief tells me he really is Cupid. Makes the show more fun.

I also watched the two oldest princesses play T-ball yesterday afternoon. They are on the same team with several other kids they already know. It was cute, and they had a great time.

Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday(Superhero is spending the night with me). Pray for our country. Love one another.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Have to Brag

My middle grandson is 11 going on 12. He is in 6th grade and says he hates school. We take that statement with a grain of salt because he says that about everything, and says it with a smile on his face.

He brought home his report card last week and had A's in all his classes except one and that was a B in Language. His mother told me she grounded him because of it, but she was only teasing. He is a very smart kid. We think he gets that from his father, cuz ain't nun of unins to brite.

Anyway, I called him when he got home from school and asked him if I could take him out to dinner for his good grades, and he said yes. We went to the Brick Oven which I have decided makes the best pizza in the whole world.

He's growing up on us, and it won't be many more years before he doesn't have time for us old folks, so I'm trying to take advantage of every opportunity to spend time with him. When he was a baby, he came and spent the weekend with me a lot. He doesn't do that any more, so I just get to see him at church or other special occasions. He always sits by me, and usually puts his head on my shoulder and tells me I'm comfy. I love it.

His birthday is the 16th of this month, and unbeknownst to him, I've ordered both he and his dad Cub's shirts. His dad is taking him to a Cub's game toward the end of the month, and I thought it would be nice if they both had shirts.

Are you as proud of your grandchildren as I am of mine? They are all very special.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Pray for our country. Love one another.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Sleepy Monday

If you work a five day work week from Monday through Friday, which day are you the most sleepy at work?

The young lady who cleans our offices came in this morning while I was in the midst of a long yarn. She told me to quit that or she'd start. I got to thinking about which day is hardest for me to stay awake, and I decided it was definitely Monday.

So assuming I'm correct, and I'm more sleepy on Monday than any other day of the work week, there must be a reason. And I've figured it out.

I always manage to take a nap on Sunday afternoon. Doesn't matter if I've got laundry to do or floors to vacumn. Doesn't matter if I need to be sewing or anything else, I'm gonna take that nap. I think it's a tradition in my family. My mother always took a nap on Sunday. Truth be told, she may have taken a nap most days when we kids were at school, but I know for a fact, she always took one on Sunday afternoon. She deserved hers. I can't say that about myself. I don't and have never worked as hard as she did.

Back to the reason for my inability to stay awake on Monday. Once I have snoozed for an hour or two on Sunday afternoon, I have a difficult time sleeping through the night. I don't have any trouble going to sleep, it's the staying asleep that is hard. Then by the time I have to come to work, I haven't had restful sleep, and if you come by my office, you might just catch me nodding.

So which day is it for you?

Hope you are having a marvelous Monday. Pray for our country. Love one another.
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