Friday, January 18, 2008

The Ancestor's Picture

Three of my friends and I went to see the Temptations in concert last night. I get excited about going somewhere, then when it gets close to time, I tend to want to back out. At any rate we went last night and had a great time.

The Temptation is getting on in years. When he was introduced as the only remaining Temp, the introduction said he had been a Temp for 47 years. But he still had what it took to put on a good show.

On the way to the concert, we were talking about old memoribilla, pictures, coins, etc. One of the girls mentioned that her mother had in her possession when she died an old picture of one of their ancestors. She said it was in a rather ugly frame and no one really wanted it but since it was a family member, they couldn't throw it away. So there was a delima about what to do with the picture.

It was decided a drawing would be held each Christmas to determine who 'had' to take posession of the picture for an entire year. That didn't seem too terribly bad, except whoever the lucky person was that would keep the picture had to display it in a prominant place where it could be seen by people who might come into their home.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you knew that your picture would be passed around in this manner, and that there would be such a drawing. One would hope that there would have to be a drawing to see who was fortunate enough to get the picture.
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