Saturday, April 05, 2008

More About My Favorite Subject--ME!

I'm posting some early school pictures. As I scanned them, one thing I noticed was that there are no big smiles with teeth showing. I don't know why unless I had lost teeth and didn't want anyone to see the holes.

As you can see, I was already into the western theme. I think this set the tone for my love for anything John Wayne early on. Notice I have bangs. My forehead is so high, that I have hardly any hair almost to my crown. This outfit consisted of jeans and the shirt was definitely flannel. I think I wanted to be like my brother so much that I insisted on being dressed like a boy.

Then I found out about being a girl. I got my first home perm. We didn't have running water in those days. I remember mother reading the directions and one of them was that you poured a certain number of pitchers of water over your head to rinse the perm solution out of your hair. And notice, I'm wearing a dress. This is the third grade picture. The year I went from being the baby of the family to being a middle child. How traumatic. My life was never the same. The next photo is my fourth grade picture. That year was a blur. I honestly can't remember anything about it except who my teacher was. She had pets, and I wasn't one of them.
This last picture is of me in the fifth grade. We had another Operetta, and I was a lady in waiting for Snow White's court. My mother made this dress. It was pink cotton with a net overlay. I thought I was big stuff. This picture was made beside our house.

How about your school days? Did you enjoy them, or were they a blur like some of mine? I need to know.

I received an email about a comment I'd left on another blog. I was asked to show some of my crystal/glass collection. If I get time today, I'll take some pics of my favorite pieces and post them tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a happy Saturday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

I just got to OKC off the train and I decided to stay the night again at my daughters house. She is out eating and dancing with friends so I thought I would grab her computer. Your blog is the first place I went to and as always got such a kick out of your posting. I can not wait to show you some of my pictures from todays event, but I will have to do it after I get home tomorrow. I loved school when I was young, and remember most of my teachers. I will have to post about them some time too. Have a great day tomorrow till we can talk again.

Lisa J said...

I am home and had a wondefully nice surprise in the mail. Guess what it is? Yes, your great, beautful tea towels. Again, thank you so much.
ps, I am SO GLAD you did not let your daughters participate in the drawing! I have grown to love them, but I sure am glad I didn't have to compete against them for the towels!!

#1daughter said...

Home perms should be outlawed. Shen I become president, along with the law that there will be no tags in clothes, I'm going to outlaw home perms. Nuff said.

Donna Boucher said...

Delightful pictures!!!

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