Monday, April 28, 2008

The Monday Morning Blues

First let me say I'm thankful for every day that I am allowed to put my feet on the floor under my own power. As you get older, it becomes a trial in itself to do that sometime. However, I can't help having the Monday Morning Blues. Simply because the weekend just wasn't long enough.

I cleaned house on Saturday, so that day was pretty much lost. But I didn't have to be rocked to sleep Saturday night either, so that was the blessing for that day.

I love Sunday's because we have the privilege of worshiping the one true and living Saviour. I was also honored to have my DIL and the little princess attend worship with me. Superhero had spent the night with his other grandmother, so he didn't go with us.

We ate Chinese after services, went home and all took that Sunday Afternoon nap. My son and DIL have decided on a floor plan, so we watched a lot of HGTV to help her get some ideas for floor coverings, cabinets, countertops, lighting, wall colors, brick--the list goes on and on. I really like the floorplan she had chosen, and I know they will be glad to get it built and moved in. My son is in the process of specing it out so they can give the totals for building to the bank. I'll miss getting the little princess up in the mornings and spending time with her. I'll miss seeing Superhero when he first wakes up and gets ready for the day. But I will also be happy for them to be in their own place.

A special thanks to Will from Teensy and the Boys for the cookbook. I got it in the mail Saturday, and am already picking which recipes to make first.

Hope everyone has a great Monday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


#1daughter said...

I'll be glad to help pick out which recipes you make. So did the little princess even make it out of the parking lot of the restaurant before she was asleep?

Will said...

Glad you got the book. I'm working on #2 now. Hoping to get it done...this year! Try the Mexican Hash, it's one of those, "I didn't think I'd like it, but it's pretty good."

Sunday's are the busiest day of my week and I long for those naps. Sunday lunch out is a great treat and our only meal out of the week.

Teensy's oldest brother LOVES chinese and requests it EVERY week. Not happening every week, but very often.

Tara said...

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