Monday, April 07, 2008

We Lost A Great Actor This Weekend

If you haven't already heard, Charlton Heston died on Saturday. He was an actor that I truly enjoyed watching. He was also a man who stood up for his ideals. He came under a lot of bad publicity for his stand on Gun Control. He was a man who took being a member of the National Rifle Association very seriously.

I'm a great fan of the American Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies. Whenever one of Heston's films is on, I always try to watch them. Now that is not to say I would miss a John Wayne movie if they were on at the same time, but I do think Heston is a legend.

Speaking of old movies, I watched 'The Reivers' last night with Steve McQueen. I saw this movie back when I used to go to the drive in. There were always two movies, and the second show one night was this one. The only thing I remembered about it was a car being stolen by McQueen's character. But it was a great movie, and the main character was an eleven year old boy who became a man on a four day trip to Memphis. One of William Faulkner's stories, it was set in Mississippi and Memphis. It was quite a hoot.

I didn't blog yesterday. I've been trying to make room in my cluttered living space for my DIL and two children. I'm so excited they are coming to stay with me during their transition of moving back 'home'. But they must have a place to put their clothes and such. So I spent as much time Saturday and Sunday as possible clearing out drawer space(I'm such a pack rat) and attempting to go through clothes that can be stored or given to Goodwill.

How did you feel about Charlton Heston? Are you a pack rat? When was the last time you went through and did a thorough purging of things you don't need any more? Tell me the truth now.

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Lisa J said...

Yes I liked him in his movies and watched them growing up as a kid. He is one of the last great actors. I need to clean out so badly. Since we moved we went from 3000 sq ft to 1500 can you imagine how much stuff I will have to get rid of? And a lot of it is in my garage in boxes, in storage, and I'm not sure where the rest of it is!! Have a great week and keep us posted on when the family moves in!

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