Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Has Rolled Around Again

And boy, am I glad it has. It's been a busy week at my house. There's always a lot going on when you have extra people. My DIL has been and continues to be a great addition to my household. She is very good with the kids, and we've worked out a functioning routine so that we manage to get up and out on time in the mornings, and we're pretty laid back in the evenings.

My son came in on Monday afternoon to look at the house she had found, even though by the time he got here, she had pretty much decided it wasn't the house for them, but he went out and looked anyway. And he agreed with her. It's a lot of house, but chopped up in a not so good way.

So, when he left on Wednesday, the decision was to make an offer on a lot. If they didn't get it, there wre two more choices. Their offer was accepted on the first one, and now it's getting the paperwork done so he can start doing the dirt work.

I'm already thinking about when they move out. It's going to be really quiet at my house, and I'm really going to miss being able to read to Superhero at bedtime and getting the baby up of the morning and feeding her first bottle. But, being so close, Superhero can go home with me and I can bring him back to school the next morning, and when the baby outgrows the babybed, she can do the same. Right now, she tends to want to get off the bed or couch by going headfirst. I've learned that the best way to get along with my children is to keep their children safe when in my care. Long as you do that, they'll forgive most anything else.

At the age of 59, I've learned quite a few lessons, most of them the hard way. What are some you've learned? Just because it's Friday doesn't mean I'm not still inquisitive.

Or if you haven't learned any valuable lessons in life, just tell me what you are doing today. That's always fun to find out.

Have a great Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Amy said...

I love reading the posts about your kids and grandkids... it helps to realize that I will some day 'like' my kids again! LOL

We have our moments when the only thing standing between me and their neck is going to prison! ROFL!!!!!

Thanks for the simple reminders of what is important.... Potential GRANDKIDS!

Have a great weekend!

#1daughter said...

Is my cape ready?

I'm thinking about going home. I'm so depressed. Wesley Snipes has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for tax evasion. I'm all broken up about it.

I want a pink cape with sparkles on it.

Aisling said...

Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog. I'm returning the visit.

Lessons I've learned? One of the biggest is to appreciate little moments. I always look back at the quiet family times as the best moments in life. Big moments with bells and whistles and big crowds are much less meaningful to me, in the grand scheme of things.

My day? A fairly quiet afternon and then viewing a high school play with my family this evening. My oldest daughter has one of the lead roles, and my freshman daughter is working sound boards in the tech booth.

Mabunny said...

Hiyas Shirley! I realized you had posted a wedding story for my contest and somehow I hadn't mad eit to your blog yet. Very cute blog, funny stories.
I have published the winner of my contest and I'm sorry it wasn't you but my husband did get a good laugh at your story.
Will chekc back in later when I have more time to read:))

Have a great weekend

Tara said...

I just had to check out mabunny's blog to make sure the wedding antic story you posted wasn't about mine. It could've been about the spider crawling around Jonathan's back (it came out of the fern) or it could've been the unity candle that wouldn't light. A sign?...hmmm... Since we're celebrating #9 this year, we'll hope not.

Today, I made a quick trip to Jonesboro to deliver Avon (anyone wanna buy some?) and buy Jeremy a birthday gift. I'm about to make him a butter pecan cake (his favorite and it WILL come from a box). R's friend A will come home with us after school to play for a couple of hours before we come to Memaw's to pick up M.

Lisa J said...

It seems my time keeps getting away from me. Where did my Friday go, because it is now Saturday evening and I am just now reading your post. Oh I remember, I went webkinz hunting!!! That's right, I have been all over looking for deals and then certain ones that I want or the kids want. My niece and nephew have gotten me started on these things and I can't stop now. Then we had dinner with my parents, then watched a movie, Water Horse, finished just in time to go pick my nephew up from a church activity and then he came and spent the night with me!!! Our first overnight visit since I have moved back. Then this morning a quick trip to McDonald's and off to the soccer game. It was rather early this morning. Afterwards I ran into an old friend/former cousin by marriage who was playing with his black lab at the Arkansa River. I will be posting that later tonight. We made a quick trip to Gilcrease again to check out some other photo opps, lunch and then I have been playing or editing pictures on the computer ever since. But we need to be getting ready for a storm, more rain expected tonight. So you will be getting wet in the next day or two huh? Sorry about that....nothing personal you know. Check out my pictures when you get a chance of my brothers family. I love how the pictures turned out!!!!

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I wonder how long my kids will live with me...

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