Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Memories of My Childhood

This is one of my favorite pictures from childhood. It was made in 1955. It shows my brother and myself in crepe paper costumes made by our mother.

Every four years our school put on an Operetta. It was quite a production and included any elementary student who wanted to participate, and I was all about participation back then.

Parents were told what to get to make the costumes, and given a pattern, and then mothers or someone made them. My brother was a sunbeam, and I was a raindrop. As a younger sibling who absolutely adored my older brother, I rained on many of his parades.

At school we spent time every day working on our respective parts. This was a musical with lots of singing and dancing(oops, did I say dancing?) We moved around alot on the gym floor. There was a story told in song. I don't remember what the story was for this one. But I do remember that in the fifth grade we did Snow White. I have the picture from that one too. I'll post it when I find it.

I've wondered how we managed to get all that in and our school work too, but then, I remember, we didn't have as much to learn back then. History books were shorter, and we didn't have computer classes to go to. But we worked in our practice time.

Do you have special events from your childhood? I sometimes think I didn't have a happy childhood, but I really did. We were free in the afternoons to roam the farm and play in the trees behind our place. There were always stray cats and dogs we adopted. Lots of dirt to dig in, and just the freedom to be a child. We never worried about someone kidnapping us or molesting us. It was a happier time back then.

Tell me about a special time in your young life. I continue to struggle with that inquiring mind thing. You know the one my children call just being nosey.

Have a happy Wednesday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

When you are as old as us, memories are about all we have huh? Some of my favorite memories come from family gatherings. 4th of July being one of the best. My brother and I would gather pop bottles, wash, clean, and see them back to the store so we could buy our fire crackers. My parents would take us to make our purchases and we would shop around till we got the best buy possilbe. One year my cousins were able to attend the family gatherings, my brother and I had made forts dug out of the dirt with their own stick stockade around them. Then we would all find crickets and grasshoppers to put in the forts to protect it. We would sneak down to the creek to play in very shallow water, ride horses bareback, and eat ice cold watermelon. As we got older we would throw our fire crackers even though we were told not to, and yes we had a few injuries. No one lost any body parts, sights or hearing. God was busy watching over all of us kids! We would then go and take turns churning homemade ice cream with the night ending with my uncles and dad shooting off the "big" fireworks. We sat on a blanket in the yard and watched until the men folk would call our name to come help light the fuses. Oh the fun we had back in the simple times of life. 4th of July is still one of my most favorite holidays of the year.

Lisa J said...

I have got to start checking my postings before hitting the publish button!!! My pop bottles were "sold" back to the store. Hope your readers ignor the poor typing this early in the morning. Sorry about that mistake and the others I have found since then!!

#1daughter said...

I always wondered what in the world the two of you had on. Now I know. Whew. I was afraid your mother dressed you like that a lot. By the way, I loved the April Fools jokes Maddie Bug played on me last night. She's toooo funny! said...

Come on over, I am starting my Park Wife love story and talk about my childhood briefly today!

I love the picture of you in your paper outfit!

The park Wife

Amy said...

What a sweet photo and memory! Thanks for sharing.

#1daughter said...

I WANT TO GO HOME! I DON'T WANT TO WORK TODAY! Can you pleeeeaaaseee get me out of work. You used to get me out of school so why can't you get me out of work? Oh crap, I just remembered, when I get home I have to help Will study for a science test. Think I'll work late tonight. Would you like to come over for a study date?

Valarie said...

I love looking at your pictures. Your brother doesn't look as happy as you though. :)

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