Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hurray It's Saturday!

What a glorious day the Lord hath made. The sun is shinning, the Robins are digging in the front yard, the water is receding and it's just a great day.

We've had a lot of stormy weather these past few weeks. Lots and lots of rain. We aren't in the same sad shape as many of our neighbors who have lost homes and livelyhoods. It's beginning to look like there may not be too many crops planted. But looking outside this morning, it's absolutely beautiful. There's not a cloud in the sky. Who can't look around and smile.

My granddaughter, who by the way has taken up residence in my sewing room, woke up this morning smiling and laughing. I got her up, changed her, fed her, played with her and let her take an early nap on me. I am truly blessed! Her mama and big brother(Superman as he's known today) slept a while and I enjoyed the quiet time listening to the steady breathing of the baby on my chest.

Everyone is awake now and Superman is talking a mile a minute. I think he's trying to get his mother to be the big bad wolf. The Three Little Pigs are his favorite story. No more quiet time. We have a barbeque at church this afternoon, and it's time for me to decide what my contribution will be.

What are your plans for today? I need to know.

Hope you have a happy Saturday. Do something silly. Make someone smile.


Lisa J said...

Oh how sweet it is!! A baby sleeping on the chest gives us peace and hope for our future. I will have my grand daughter next week for about five days while her momma is gone to a wedding. She turns six months on the 19th. Grandson will stay at other grandparents and continue going to school. boo hoo for him.
Already been to a soccer game, took pictures, made plans for daughters birthday dinner tomorrow, bought the food, order the giant cookie and flowers. Should be a great day. We are going to grill burgers at my parents and hopefully both my brothers and their families will be there. It is so nice to be back home again. Birthday parties for the kids have been missed out since we lived so far apart, now we can catch back up, even if she is 24 on Sunday!!!!

kacey said...

Oh, wow, is there anything more calming than a sleeping baby on your chest?? Hope your Saturday was great.

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