Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Circus Is In Town

I went to the box office here on campus and picked up two tickets for the circus yesterday. My DIL is taking Superhero tonight. We discussed it this morning, and I think he is getting excited.

Since they've been here, my DIL hasn't had a lot of time to spend with Superhero one on one, and this will be just the thing for them. We talked about the elephants. He said he'd never seen one, and when I told him it would fill up my living room, he seemed a bit worried. But I assured him it would be a nice elephant, and they might even be allowing boys and girls to ride.

That sounded ok but he wasn't too sure. Then he wanted to know what other animals would be there. I didn't want to tell him certain animals would be there and him be expecting to see them and maybe there wouldn't be any and he'd be disappointed. So I told him there might be a lion, but he wouldn't be allowed to ride it. He was more concerned with being consumed by it, but his mom told him he was far too skinny and he wouldn't make a good bite for a big lion.

When I left for work this morning, they were discussing their evening. I'm more excited about my evening. I get to keep the little princess tonight while they are gone on their adventure. She is a good 10 month old, walking, playing, and giggling. We have fun together, and she goes to bed really early.

What are you looking forward to this evening? Does it involve work, play, children, grandchildren or just some good tv, maybe out to a movie? Whatever your plans, share them with me. I just have to know what you are doing.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Do something silly. Make someone smile.


Lisa J said...

Oh the circus is such fun. He will have a blast. I have my niece and nephew today, infact they stay the night with me last night too. Their momma is substitute teaching today so they came to stay with me!!! Yea!! I was even allowed to take more pictures of them last night at the lake and they loved being silly, maybe I should post about that today!!??? Have a great day, treasure each and everyone of them.

Will said...

Tonight is American Idol night and I just love that show. I'll spend the whole night with Teensy and the boys, my sweet wife and just love our life. It's good.

#1daughter said...

I like the title the Circus is in town however, in case you haven't noticed the Circus is at your house! I saw Batman's new cape on Tara's blog. Where's mine?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Probably won't do anything silly and might not even make anyone smile but will sit for more than 5 minutes now that John is home!

Hallie :)

Sage said...

Thanks for checking out my blog and commenting on the tp wedding dress! I've read a few of your posts and will difinately go back to previous months and read some more!

As for tonight, well our plans are to spend this last evening with our son before he returns to his home in Seldovia, Alaska. He is cooking Thai food for us and for his sweetie's parents who are joining us. Then tomorrow morning the tears will fall as we have to say good-bye to him. We do hope to visit him again in Alaska this summer.


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