Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday Night's TV

Was anyone surprised when Priscilla got voted off last night. I couldn't decide if it would be her or Shannon Elizabeth. But I think probably Priscilla has fewer people to vote for her than the others. It will be interesting to see who goes next.

I felt sorry for Denny Crane and Shirley Schmidt on Boston Legal. Shirley for losing her father, and Denny for being in the courtroom when Alan talked about his friend and what he had to face down the road.

And what about the Biggest Loser! I was rooting for the fellow who needed health insurance to win it all, but wasn't unhappy when the other fellow won. He had worked really hard too. I had forgotten, if I even knew, that someone of those who had been voted off would get the $100,000. I had even mentioned to my DIL that they had to have continued help or they wouldn't have continued to lose weight. It's just a fact, you aren't going to keep working that hard unless you have an incentive. Well, that incentive just happened to be $100,000.

I was relly excited when Ali won the top prize. But I wonder why it's only $250,000. Now I know that's a lot of money, but to be put on display every week, dressed in blubber revealing clothes. Well, let me tell you, it would take more than the possibility of $250,000 to get this fat girl dressed in bicycle shorts and a tank top. I might do it for half a mil, but I'm thinking I'd need the whole million to get me out there dressed like that. Standing up there each week knowing that millions of people are looking at you each week and saying, Gee, would you look at those stretch marks, or those are the ugliest man boobs I've ever seen! And that's exactly what we said too.

Each week while I eat something as I sit and watch this show, I promise myself that tomorrow, I'm going to go for a walk before work, or I'm going to start doing the tapes I buy and then never use. I think I have some of Richard Simmons' Sweatin to the Oldies', and I know I have one of Billy Blanks' TiBo tapes. And yes, I have a yoga and a pilates video also. But I guess I'am afraid I'll wear them out if I use them. And we have a gym here at work that I could go to at lunch, but I'd get all hot and sweaty. Can't have that. Might just smell up a meeting in the pm.

My weight is my biggest struggle in my life right now. And the struggle is more that I can't fit into my clothes rather than battling the ability to stay on a diet. I don't even try to stay on one. Isn't that sad?

What is a struggle in your life today? It's important for me to know I'm not the only one who has struggles.

Have a happy Wednesday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

Oh definetly weight also. I have gained a lot of weight since I retired almost one year ago. But mine started when I started going through the change at about 40. I worked alot, I worked at the PD
40+ hours a week, taught two college classes a week and then once a month taught all day a driving school. Plus had the house and horses to take care of. But I think the biggest downfall was the computer and high speed internet. I love being on the computer. I have always said if I felt better I would get out and walk, and yet if I would get out and walk I would feel better. Just can't seem to get that in my head and convince myself of it. But I hope I will do it soon, if not I will be past the hope stage. I had hoped that when I retired and moved near my cousin we would do things together, but since she works and still has two teenagers at home her time is very occupied. Plus....I love to eat good food!!!! Enough said. Have a great day, the weather is wonderful minus the wind. Grandbaby arrives today for the rest of the week!!! Hip Hip Hooray!

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Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Shirley, I love Boston Legal. Most people of the people in my life don't watch it, don't get it or something but it is one of my favorites. The thing is I don't watch T.V. that much and so I've only got an inside attenae and I'm not able to get that channel at the moment. So I've missed it the last few Tuesday nights, bummer!

Amy said...

Weight is also a struggle for me as well... I've allowed my sedentary lifestyle...i.e. working 40+ hrs a week behind a computer screen to take over my life!

Ironically I started back on my diet today and it's truly and hour by hour thing for me! I'm so weak, but it's becoming a struggle for me to roll out of bed and not feel like a beached whale, so I know its time to get serious!

I go through phases when I just decide to give it up and buy big girl clothes, and I do. Then I get really frustrated with how I look and I go back on some quirky diet! I'm never happy until I drop some weight. I don't like to think of myself as vain, but honestly I simply don't like myself when I"m overweight or uncomfortable with my weight! Make any sense?

Amy said...

Oh and by the way, I'm really glad to see Ms. Presley leave - she was beginning to look like it was causing her pain to dance. I can't describe it right, but she just looked like it was taking too much out of her? KWIM?

IzzyBeth said...

We all struggle with things . . . but honestly - what has helped me in the weight department is realizing that DIETS DON'T WORK. Changing your habits and ways of thinking do. Ever since I figured that out - and started keeping track of every single thing I put in my mouth - I have consistently lost weight each week.

Now as for TV - I was watching America Idol. David Cook rocks.


Cooking and the City said...

Hello I visited your blog for the first time today & really enjoyed it. thought I'd say hi, hope you have a lovely day :-)

Dell xo

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