Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shrimp and Pasta for Dinner Last Night

I was checking out a few of the blogs that I always check out, and Chocolatehic had posted about a shrimp and penne pasta dish she and the boy had made. Knowing how much my little superhero loves shrimp, I decided to try it.

After work, I went to the local Kroger(where we have the best choices of 'fresh' seafood, and bought a lb of shrimp, some Old Bay seasoning and a couple of other items.

I went home, peeled the shrimp and had it all ready in about 30 minutes. Hey, I could do 30 minute meals with that one--look out Rachel Ray!

The pound fed my daughter-in-law, my grandson-aka superhero, myself and my son when he arrived for a visit. A couple of times, I caught superhero with garlic breath and knew he'd been in sneaking an extra shrimp, but then again, superheros need extra nourishment.

It was a quick, easy dish to prepare, and delish. If you like shrimp and pasta, head on over to Chocolatehic's Place, and get the recipe.

And as an update, superhero was Spiderman last night. I asked him how he slept last night, and he said great. I asked if he had to go out on any calls to save the world, and he said no, things were quiet last night.

His dad came in about 8:00 last night for a couple of days to meet with a builder today and decide if they are going to take the house they've been looking at that's almost finished or if the great land hunt will start up again. He can build, but he's looking at probably 4 months to do that, and they really would like to get into their own place.

Superhero has been sleeping with his mother, but when his dad came in, he lost his spot and knew he would have to sleep with me. He told his dad that he(superhero) should sleep with his mother, and that he(dad) should sleep with his mother. It didn't quite work out that way, but we all managed to make it through the night.

Tonight is The Great Trailer Park Musical. Expect a critique of it on tomorrow's post.

Hope you are having a great Tuesday. Do something silly today. Make someone smile.


#1daughter said...

I'm glad all was quiet last night and Spidey didn't have to go out and save anyone. I have pants that need to be cut off. Do you know of anyone to do that for me? Huh? Pleeeease?

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

YUM! That dinner sounds great.

Lisa J said...

a good dinner with good entertainment, what more could you ask for. Your grandson sounds like a hoot to be around. Have a good time tonight.

buckatwos@gmail.com said...

I have two boys, my whole day is silly!

I am going to try the recipe, I hope you are having a great time having them all there with you!

I am sure you will have silly fun today too!
The Park Wife

Amy said...

OH so glad to hear that shrimp recipe was yummy! I had a urge to cook that when I saw her post!

I just may put that on the menu for us this week!

Besure you fix the superhero's favorite meals.... we need our superheros well fed and happy!

Blessed said...

That dinner sounds good!

Will said...

Sounds so good. I found a recipe for bacon and bowties that was super fast, the time it took the bow tie pasta to cook made the whole meal. It's at Southern Living's website. Cream cheese, bacon, parmesan cheese, all tossed with bow tie pasta. Really good.

Amy said...

I am going to have to try this!

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