Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Made The Mistake...

I made the mistake of telling Superhero that I would make him a new cape. I told him this on Sunday, and that I would look for a pattern and fabric this week and make it on Saturday.

He meets me at the door every day to see if I have said pattern and fabric. I am trying not to run errands at lunch to conserve gas during the day and do them on the way home in the afternoon. So far this week, I haven't been able to do that. But he is quite insistent about the whole thing.

My procrastination is causing me additional trouble because now he not only wants a cape for himself, he wants one for his dad, and both cousins. What I thought would be an hour or two job at best, is going to be a whole day job.

My concern at this point is that his dad will get the most use of the cape. I raised a big child. A big child, I'm telling you. He spends a lot of time with Superhero, taking him to work with him, letting him help around the yard and garden, and then playing. And dad doesn't sit and watch, he participates. While dad was here this week, I missed them. Superhero was riding his bike and dad was running along beside. It was a sight that made my heart flutter.

Has your heart fluttered this week? Come on, tell me about it. I have to know.

Have a great Thursday(looks like mine is going to be wet). Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Will said...

My sons and I worked in the yard on Monday. I have an almost six year old and a two year old, needless to say their "help" is questionalbe, but the time I invested in being with them is incalcuable.

I have the best time with them and love every second I get. I know it's goign to be over before I know it, that new country song that talks about the 100 year old man saying,"dont' blink" rings in my ears. I usually listen to Contemporary Christisn but that song seems to play a lot and I love it.

#1daughter said...

I want a cape too.

Lisa J said...

Yes, a cape is a good project, every superhero needs a couple, an extra just in case something does happen.

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