Thursday, April 17, 2008

Maddie's Going To Spend The Night

See this pretty little girl? That's Maddie, Madelyn Elise to be exact, but she likes Maddie. She spends the night with me almost every Thursday night and I take her to school on Friday's. She's 4 and goes to school at Discovery Island. Her mom works 4 days a week, and would have to drive into town on her day off if Maddie didn't spend the night with me. I have to come to work on Friday anyway, so I drop her off on my way.

When I pick her up this afternoon, she'll talk my ear off until we get home, and if she can talk me into it, we'll stop at McDonnies(McDonalds) for her favorite meal which sometimes is a burger, and sometimes chicken nuggets. But most of her sentences will start with,'You know what Memaw?' and if you don't say, 'what', she'll say it again. I try to be attentive enough that she only has to say it once because if she has to repeat it more than twice, she sometimes forgets what it was that she wanted me to know.

We talk about what letter she's learning in school. What she had for lunch and snack. Whether her best friend Emma was there, and what Evan Pitman did to her that day. I think Evan has a little crush on her.

She's in for a treat tonight since my DIL and chidren are staying with me for a while, she and her cousin Ivan(a month older than she)will get to play together. These times have been few and far between but now that they are moving to our area, hopefully, they will get to play often. If everything goes as planned, they will both be in the same school district too.

Needless to say, I'm excited about having her tonight. She is bright, funny and has the cutest little speech impediment, which I can already tell is going away. And she can play with a few strands of that long brown hair, cock her head to one side or the other, and bat those eyelashes and get absolutely anything she wants.

Who are you excited to see today. I must know. I know LisaJ is getting her grandbaby today or tomorrow. What fun you'll have.

Have a happy Thursday, Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Blessed said...

I wish my parents were close enough to get to spend time like that with my little one - oh well, the time they do get is precious

#1daughter said...

She is quite the little eye batter! But then so is her sister. Where did they learn that? I didn't do that. Their mother didn't do that. They must've learned it from their daddy!!! We must have a long talk with him.

Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness, don't you have a BEAUTIFUL grand daughter!!! I hope you feed her lots of donuts Friday morning and play and sing silly songs. And yes, mine is here too. She arrived yesterday and cried once when she bumped her head by her eye. No other cries. How did her momma luck out so much to have such a sweet sweet child. And she did it twice, her son is the same way! They must get it from their daddy! Grandkids are such a blessing and I am glad mine have moved back to Oklahoma even if it is just for three years. I will take what I can get.

Donna Boucher said...

She is just beautiful!!!

How blessed you are to be so close to those you love!!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds fantastic. I want to come and have McDonnie's with you!

Hallie :)

Amy said...

OH My... she is absolutely PRECIOUS! I know your heart will be full tonight with a house full of grandkids! Enjoy the evening!!

(Oh, my Briley's middle name is Alyse...which is often mispelled as Elise...)

I'm a sucker for those eyelashes! LOL

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