Friday, June 06, 2008

What Is My Name?

Have you ever been flustered, at your wits end, tired? Have you ever forgotten your name? On Wednesday, I had a dr's appointment. I left work at noon, and on the way to the dr, I remembered that I hadn't gotten my car tags renewed. I had plenty of time, so I ran home, got the renewal form and went to the court house.

I stopped and assessed, waited my turn, and while getting my things ready, I realized I didn't have any checks. The revenue office isn't set up to take either credit or debit cards, so I had to run back home and get a check. This is a small town, so it wasn't like it took forever, and I still had plenty of time. But by this time, I was getting tired and a bit flustered.

I got my sticker for my license plate, put it on and drove across the street to the dr's office(remember, I said small town). I parked, got out of my vehicle, and went inside.

The receptionist(I've known her for about 45 years) spoke as I came in, and I walked up to the window to sign in. Here is where the problem started. My name is Shirley, if you don't already know that. I picked up the pen so I could sign in, and as plainly and simply as anything at all, I write "SHERRY". I immediately realized what I had done. I said to Pam, 'look what I just wrote for my name'. She looked at it and said, 'your name isn't Sherry'. DUH!

What kind of a brain bubble did I have? I really don't ever remember wanting to be called Sherry. I hadn't been thinking about anyone named Sherry. I can only think of about three people I know named Sherry. Needless to say, everyone thought it was funny. We decided I had a split personality and maybe she is trying to come out.

I told Daughter#1 about it later that night. She died laughing. I didn't think it was too funny, but I'm getting over it. I can't say it hasn't bothered me. Sherry! Where did that come from? I just have to shake my head when I think about it.

Doc listened to my complaints, prescribed some medicine for them, and had the nurse take some blood. I don't expect anything unusual to show up, and I'm feeling better. In fact I cut the grass yesterday when I got home. And I guess I'll just wait to see if any other personalities to pop out.

Have you ever done anything so dumb? If so, please tell me so I don't feel like a total dork.

Got any great plans for the weekend? I'd like to know about those too.

Hope you have a great Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.

Signed, 'Sherry', I mean 'Shirley'. Whoever!!!


#1daughter said...

So now we know where I get all my psychotic tendencies from don't we mother? And you've been blaming it on my father all these years. You're the one with multiple personalties. I think I peed a little while I was laughing at you!

Amy said...

OMG... too funny!

I call those brain farts....I am always going in a million different directions and usually carrying on three different conversations at one time - I wish I had multiple personalities, then I could explain away my phsychotic tendencies! LOL

From now on,when you do something dumb, just blame it on Sherry! LOL

Tara Smith said...

I hope Dr. Kristi gave you something for alzheimer's while you were there.

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Dear Sherry,
You should hear things I've said lately, and I can't blame it on the things I'm facing right now, I've done silly things like that all my life. Who knows? Our brains get on overdrive.
Lately I keep losing things. I can sit in one place and have something in my hand and then two minutes later, can't find it. You'll be ok. I kind of like the name Sherry but then I like Shirley too so just let me know who you are on which day so I'll know what to call you.

Lisa J said...

Oh you are so silly...but I can't think of any funny stories to share with you right now. You know from reading my blog that I do plenty of stupid stuff. It happens, don't sweat it and sure don't worry about it. Hope you get to feeling better, back to your same ole self SOON.

Baroness von Bloggenschtern said...

Ha! The name thing reminds me of a family gathering we were at where a group of us all shared the same name: Cheryl-Michelle-Sandy-Shelley-Sheila.

Try fitting that on a form!

IzzyBeth said...

HILARIOUS! LOL. We all have those moments, no matter how young or how old we are.

Tipper said...

I have had those moments-like when I can't remember my childrens birthday when asked at the Docs office.

Plans-try and stay cool.

Sage said...

I guess I usually know my name, but I never remember my phone number. I don't call myself! It's a senior big deal.....And I get over it quickly!

My dad was good at calling us kids by one of our sibling's names. Finally he just took the first initial of all of our names and yelled MERPL! And we'd all come running!


Becky said...

I recently took some classes at a local college. While in class, listening to the teacher agreeing with everything said. Then they would ask me a question, but I would just completely forget all that was talked about and stare like a deer in headlights. Completely blank. Made me feel stupid to say the least.
Cleaning plans this weekend. Nothing special. Next weekend, another story. Hot air balloon, again. said...

Too funny!

One time I was being interviewed by a media agency and they wanted me to state my name so they could type it in correctly on their monitor. I told them my first and maiden name, I had been married two years. My assistant, who never knew me by that name, looked at me like I was crazy. maybe I am !

I hope you are doing well (aside of the name faux paus).

The Park Wife

Anonymous said...

Little late for the conversation but I once mistakenly sat down beside a woman who wasn't my wife at church. As I placed my arm around the stranger I realized the intense laughter that was being directed my way.

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