Friday, June 27, 2008

How Quickly Our Plans Change

Our first plan was that both these girls would spend the night with their memaw. Daughter #2 had plans to play Bunko. That's Princess #1 and Princess #2.
Then the Bunko party got cancelled, and it was determined that I needed to work late, at least until about 6:30. That was change #1

Then P#1's BFF Anna Bobanna, called and wanted her to spend the night with her leaving P#2 without anyone to entertain her. Not that she needs much, it's just that she feels left out when she doesn't have anything to do when P#1 does.

So Daughter #2, calls me at work and asked if P#2 could go ahead and spend the night, and since I thought I'd be leaving around 6:30, I said sure. Bring the little darling to me at work along with her suitcase, and she could go with me. That was change #2.

P#2 came bringing her supper in a bag(health consious as we are)lol, from Hardees. Her mother left, she ate and began playing while I continued what Iwas doing. This meantI was basically waiting to see if the budget rolled correctly, or if I would have to do some programming to fix any problems the budget folks ran into. Notice I didn't say caused--but rather 'ran into'.

Unfortunately, things got changed once again. Thus change #3. It became apparent that it was going to take much longer than originally thought to complete the processes, and it got close to 8:00. P#2 usually goes to bed around that time and I could tell she was winding down. I suggested she put her pj's on so in the event she fell asleep in the car, I would only have to get her in bed at home. This is when she discovered that she had forgotten her pj bottoms. She was not a happy camper. We called her mother who suggested if she came and got her, she could go home, get her pj bottoms and then go to sleep in her bed rather than on the floor by my desk. Fortunately, D#2 and her family live only about 10 minutes from my work.

Change #4 occurred slowly as 8:00 turned into 9:00 and then into 10:00. We finally called a supervisor who came back to the office to make the decisions as to whether we should stay, or call it a night and let the budget folks finish their work next morning.

I, living the greatest distance from work, was then sent home and the supervisor and my co-worker went over to the office where the budget folks were working. I haven't learned the outcome from that. The bad thing about having to call our supervisor back is that she is having her 50th birthday today, and we had decorated her office and didn't want her to see it. Oh well, so much for a surprise.

I said all that to say this, besides the fact that I never miss an opportunity to show off two of my granddaughters, is that I'm entirely toooooo old for this much change in one day. I used to adapt to any situation(some may call that being a willow in the wind), I could just go with the flow. Now, even though I smile and say,'oh yes, whatever we need to do', inside I'm saying, 'why didn't you decide that in the first place and save me all this work'.

It ended up being 11:30 when I finally got to bed last night, yet here I am, the devoted employee, ready for yet another day in the land of information technology....And wasn't all this computer stuff supposed to make our lives easier?

At least it's Friday. What changes have you been faced with this week that really didn't don't amount to a hill of spit, but you just want to complain about them? You've listened to me, I'll listen to you.

Have a 'cool' Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

Well, since you asked.... you maybe shouldn't have! sorry!!
When we retired and decided to move back "home" to my raising we both, BOTH, agreed to certain things. 1, he would get a job, part or full time to cover the insurance we were now having to pay for. 2, I would stay home and be that stay at home wife that I have always wanted to be. 3,we would buy some land for the horses. 4, we would have a shop for him to play in. 5, Probably should have been #1, but he was not going to retire until Jan.1'08.
Well so far the only thing that has happened is that we retired and moved here. I am really easy to change, I can do it and usually it does not upset my apple cart THAT much. But this togetherness is killing me....well killing our relationship. It is way too much togetherness. He was a firefighter and would be gone 24 hours at a time. I treasured those days. I never complained about him having to work. We had out other days together, but those days when he was at work I could enjoy some peace and quiet with little demand on me. Now I don't have that and I am struggling with it. It is causing stress amoung the troops. So that is my beef. and I hope a job comes along pretty least for ONE of us.

Amy said...

Awwe... You're little princesses are precious!

I'm so glad you have them in your life to make the little changes all worthwhile!

Hope you have a better, less stressful weekend!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Shirley, those little girls are soooo cute. And you can tell how much they love each other and I know for sure they love their Memaw.
I've had days like the one you described too with all that technology, that makes our lives so much easier, ummm.
Hoping you had a good day and hope for you a wonderful weekend.

kimmy said...

I showed up a week early for a doctor's appointment. UGH!!!

Have a good weekend!


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