Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blast From the Past

I watched a special on PBS last night about Johnny Cash-His Music and His Vision. What a trip that was. He was the first country music star to have a variety show on a major network. He had people from all types of music. It probably wouldn't have been very interesting to people in their 30's and maybe even 40's, but it brought back so many memories for this nearly 60 year old woman.

I wouldn't have recognized Neil Diamond if he hadn't been introduced and that the voice was definitely his. He was a very good looking fellow. James Taylor has definitely gotten better looking with age. He really needed a haircut. He sang Sweet Baby James.

The best performance of the night was Ray Charles doing his version of Ring of Fire. I never cared much for Neil Young or Joni Mitchell. Bob Dylan would never have made it past Simon on American Idol.

I can remember watching my cousins and their boyfriends dance to Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins. That was in the mid 50's and I wasn't old enough to dance or have a boy friend for that matter.

They showed a clip of Jerry Lee Lewis. I remember listening to Whole Lot of Shakin Goin On on the way to the field to pick cotton as a kid. Then many years later(back during my wild days)a group of our friends had been somewhere one Saturday night and stopped in to get something to eat at Berry's Truck Stop, well after midnight, and he and his band were there eating. He was also very drunk. There were lots of people there eating. It was one of the few places that stayed open all night, but then again, it was a truck stop. About the time we got our food, he stood and made a little speech about the people who were there. It wasn't very nice, but we just laughed, ate our food, paid and left.

I guess that's my story of meeting the rich and famous, execpt for the time I talked to Walter Matheau in Hot Springs.

What has sparked a good memory lately that you were not expecting? Those are the best to share.

Hope you are having a great Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Well, you sparked memories of my famous people encounters. I was held by Minnie Pearl when I was a baby. My ex husband was a drummer in a band that once opened for a Merle Haggard concert and he played Merle's band's drums and I rented a house owned by Sonny Shroyer who played "Enos" on the Dukes of Hazzard. He even took me out for lunch a few times. Oh yeah, I've mingled with the rich and famous a lot, lol.
By the way, I watch PBS quite a lot and I'll have to look for that special, I'd like to see it.

IzzyBeth said...

Wow - I would have liked to have seen that. I come from a musical family and anything from the 1920s on (except for Rap, which I don't consider music) - I usually enjoy listening to.

As for what evokes memories for me - I am at a theme park with my family and I came here with my family when I was 5 years old. It is pretty cool.

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