Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Primaries Are FINALLY Over!

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the presidential campaigning on TV. I don't know if it gets worse as I get older or if I just notice it more. I'm worried about the directions we are taking as a country, but we've just had millions of dollars spent on campaigns, and we don't even get to pick the winner.

If you want my vote, then it should count. That was the way it was in high school. If it was time to vote for the student council president, you cast your vote, it was counted and the person with the most votes won. Isn't that the American way?

Since the delegates and super-delegates know how we should have voted, and since it's their votes that count, why did we waste all the money on primaries. Wouldn't it have been cheaper to go online and do a vote there. Let the computer tally the votes. Either that or have all the primaries on one day, eliminate all but the top two of each party, and then continue. I'm not sure that if the voters had only had McClain and Huckabee from the beginning, the outcome might have been a different one. I can't even remember any of the others in the democratic primaries.

Now that we have the two delegates, why do we need conventions? To lay out platforms? I don't really think so, and truth be told, you don't either. The candidates can lay out planks for their respective platforms all day and it doesn't amount to a hill of spit. Once in office, they are going to do what they are told, smile, shake a few hands and lie.

I'm a registered democrat(don't hold that against me), I think probably because my parents were. But my dad always voted a split ticket. Maybe that wasn't a good thing, but he voted for who he thought was best for the job.

Unfortunately, in the last presidential election, I felt I was voting for the one who was the lesser of the two evils. And that is probably what I'll do this time. I can't promise I'll vote democratic, I can't promise I'll vote republican, I can't even promise I'll vote. Neither will I watch either of the conventions.

Needless to say, I'm quite disgusted with the whole thing.

Put in your two cents worth. Tell me what disgusts you today. It may be political, it may be family, it may be work, but if you were terminally happy before you read my post today, I'm sorry for bursting your bubble.

Try your best to have a wonderful Wednesday. Don't forget Bible Study tonight. Make someone smile.


Amy said...

I completely agree!! I am so sick of seeing this stuff on TV!! The elections are still months away and we are going to be even more bombarded with these campaign ads and rhetoric! UGH!!!!

Sage said...

Totally with you! Why waste all that $$$ on the conventions when all is decided already? And I'm also with you on another point. I am a registered republican, but like you, I don't know if I'll vote my party, the other party, or if I'll even vote. The sad thing is that once this new president takes over, we'll have to start working on the next election in four years! Have a great day.


IzzyBeth said...

YAY! The primaries are over! LOL

There is a lot that disgusts me - but I'm trying to be positive today, so I'm just not going to think about it!

Blessed said...

I realize everyone being disgusted with our political system - I am too and I'm not excited about either of the major presidential candidate and I'm registered as an independent, but please VOTE - we are privileged enough to be allowed to vote in our country and have it count for something, I wonder what our political landscape would look like if just 75% of registered voters participated in every election. In the last presidential election just shy of 57% of citizens eligible to vote (a record high in recent years) actually voted... what would the outcome have been if the turnout had been over 75%?

Lisa J said...

Cheer up, it's just another day in the neighborhood. I just shut the world out, sit in my hammock, swing and play with the baby. The rest is out of my control. Just like this crazy wind today!!! WOW!

#1daughter said...

I'm going to Lisa J's to hang out in the hammock!

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