Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Losing Your First Tooth

Do you remember losing your first tooth? I don't. And I never got any money for any tooth that came out of my head. I don't remember any of my friends from school getting any money either. How do these things get started? Who thought up the tooth fairy? And why didn't someone shoot him the first time he appeared?

The only thing I remember about losing teeth is that I was told that if I could keep from putting my tongue into the empty hole, I would grow a gold tooth in the place of the one that came out. Now what's the first thing you do when there's no longer a tooth in that hole? Of course, you stick your tongue into it. So, guess what, no gold teeth for me.

I also remember my dad saying I'd have to be careful or else a bean would slip through the hole when I was eating. We ate a lot of beans so I'm not sure why I'd care about that.

I tell this story because the oldest princess lost her first tooth yesterday. It had been loose for a week or so and she was so excited about it. About 3 yesterday afternoon my phone rang at work. She was calling to tell me about the toothShe didn't talk long. She had other people to call. It was hard on her mama. She is losing her babies. They are turning into little girls.

I remember hearing a story about a fellow whose tooth wouldn't come out and he was a big boy. His dad had him lie down on the floor and they tied a broom handle to the tooth and the dad was going to yank it out. When he pulled up on the broom handle, it slipped and hit the boy in the nose. His tooth didn't come out, but he had a broken nose. Dosen't that conjure up an interesting picture?

Do you have any funny teeth stories? I'd love to hear them.

Have a good Tuesday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Tara Smith said...


IzzyBeth said...

My oldest swallowed her first tooth. LOL

#1daughter said...

When she called me to tell me about the tooth, she said this is Riley and I thought it was Maddie playing a joke on me and when I accused of her being her sister she said the hole in her mouth made her talk funny. I hope she gets a butt load of money since she's coming to my house Thursday night & I told her we'd play poker!

Lisa J said...

I am 48 and still have four baby teeth. There are no permanent teeth under them. So I think that is pretty cool to have had the same teeth for that long!!!!

Tipper said...

One of my girls lost a tooth-and her sister was so jealous-she kept fooling with one of her teeth that really wasn't that loose-until she pulled it! Little rat.

pam said...

She sure is darling. I saw her on her mommy's blog and it brought back a ton of memories. We have gotten through all the "little teeth" here and are moving into the BIG ones now. He's nervous about the ones that are lose now! I guess molar type just seem more intense to a nine year old.

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