Monday, June 30, 2008

Fins To The Right! Fins To The Left!

I am a Parrothead! Can you be a ParrotHead if you've never actually been to a Jimmy Buffet concert? I hope so. Can you be a Parrothead if you don't have a tattoo of a Parrot on your sholder? Please say yes. I love Jimmy Buffet's music. I knew all the words to Margauritaville(except for the lost verse) back when it was getting play on the radio. And if I'm going to have a drink, it's usually a Marguarita.
I know every word to the songs on the 'Songs You Know By Heart' cd. I've read his books about his life and the novel he wrote a few years ago called A Salty Piece of Land.
I recently read he's had a 40 year career as a singer, songwriter, author and businessman. He's been proclaimed the musical Mark Twain. A true American Storyteller. I don't know if Mark Twain was quite as tongue-in-cheek as Buffet, but I tend to agree with his being a storyteller. He rose in my opinion when I saw him participate in Ed Bradley's funeral service. It seems he'd taken Ed to his first Blues concert in New Orleans, and to his last.

What got me started on Jimmy Buffet this time of the morning you ask? I had a dream last night. Several other people and I were on a beautiful white sail boat. It was large enough that we could live on it, and we were seeing the world. Why were we on it, and where were we going? I don't know. I just know we were seeing some of the most beautiful scenery in the water travelling world. And seeing all this from the bow of a boat, gliding through the water. There were ocean beaches, and there were volcano's. But it was just the most serene ride I'd ever had. Everyone was laughing and pleasant. And yes, Jimmy and the Coral Reefer Band was there. I don't know when I've enjoyed a dream quite so much.

Unfortunately, I woke up to find I was just in my bed waiting for the alarm to go off. Isn't it a wonderful thing that our minds can rest in this way? I have a lot of silly dreams that I just can't possibly think of a reason I would have dreamed what I did. And I don't know what sparked this one, but I'll take this trip again.

Have you had a dream that you wanted to go back to sleep and finish? This was one of them. Tell me about yours.

Have a great Monday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

I like his music too. I am a big country and western fan, so he is not a big one on the CMA list. But I have always enjoyed his music. I think you needed that dream, how wonderful.

I dream a lot. I had a dream last night about my friend that passed away of cancer and that is the first time I have dreamed about her that I can remember it. It was a good dream, one that I needed. I love dreams...and I am a dreamer, in more ways than one!
Have a great day!

#1daughter said...

What kind of drugs did you take before bed and can I have some?

Nonnie said...

my husband and i are big parrotheads also!!!! but i think the answer to your questions is yes and yes....we did get to go to one of his shows a couple of years ago, and it was so much fun....we have a sailboat, but we are in the doesn't quite bring the images to mind that his songs do! :) but it is still great....loved reading the last several posts this morning.....about your first grandson....and all the changes to your day....daily!!! i can soooo relate to them both.
i'll be back...

Beckynsc said...

Well, it's usually a bad dream and I woke up just before the end. So I don't know if I died or lived or or if I beat the living crap out of that blonde woman with my husband.(tee hee) I hate those kinda dreams.

Tipper said...

I like his music too. I dream every night but can't think of one I wanted to finish lately.

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