Saturday, June 28, 2008

My Oldest Grandchild

I spend a lot of time talking here in this blog about my grandchildren. That is some of them. I mention in my bio that I have six, but you hear mostly about the youngest four who range in age from five down to the age of one.

However, I have one that is eleven, and one that is over 21. I say over 21 because my 'oldtimers' kicks in and I can't remember if he's actually 22 or 23. He is, however, one of the greatest joys of my life.

I was a young grandmother. I'm still a young grandmother--you can stop laughing now!!! When my daughter married, she and her husband lived with me for a while. It was during this time, GS#1 was born. Therefore, they brought him to my house. I worked 3rd shift at this time so I didn't get in on any of the 2AM feedings, but I was there in the morning and was able to spend a lot of time with him.

As he grew, we became very close. He spent a lot of time with me, and I enjoyed every moment of it. He was one of the best little boys I had ever encountered. He would go anywhere, do anything. He was never crancky or irritable, just a happy little boy. Sometimes, I would almost forget he was with me. He had a big bucket of 'stuff' that he played with when he came. I would spread out a quilt on my bed where he would dump all this 'stuff', watch tv and play for hours. One day I needed something from the store, got in the car, got half way down the street, and realized he was at the house. I immediately turned around and went home to get him. He got an extra treat that day.

I have lots of wonderful memories that I made with him. He would go absolutely anywhere with me. I took him with me to give blood one day. He was about 4 at the time. He was all about seeing everything they were doing to me, and he was getting all the special treatment from the lady who had all the clamps, scissors and more importantly band-aids and stickers. At one point during all this, he referred to me as grandma. She said I didn't look old enough to have a grandchild. He chirped right up and told her I was 100. I think with that, she gave him an extra sticker.

He continued to go lots of places and do lots of things with me until he turned 10 or 11. And yes, he outgrew me. He still loved me. He still came to see me, but he had other things to do and other people to do them with. I will tell you that I hated when that time came. I knew it would, and I'm thankful for every minute of grandma time I had with him. He does and will always hold a special place in my heart because he was my first grandchild.

I don't get to see him as often as I used to, he's busy working and having a life. But on those rare occassions that I do see him, he still gives me a kiss and tells me he loves me. But the best thing is when he says, 'hey grandma, remember when we used to.......', and I know for sure I have built some memories that no one can take away from either of us.

If you have grandchildren, tell me about your first. If you don't, tell me a memory you have of yourself and a grandparent. I love those special bonds between grandparents and children.

Have a great Saturday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Sage said...

I have 16 grandkids! Seven children can make lots of grandbabies! Each one is special, but I have one who I thought of immediately when I read your blog this morning. He is 17 1/2, and until about 2 months ago, he was "grandma's boy" and I loved it. He'd call me up and ask if we could go to Barnes and Noble or if he could come and spend the weekend.

He was special from the day he was born. You see, he is the son of one of our adopted kids, and his mom, our oldest adopted child, told me on the day her son was born that because we adopted her I wasn't in the delivery room when she was born, so she wanted me in the delivery room when her son was born. I always had a special connection with him from then on.

Now a couple of months ago, he became very angry about a variety of things, and he is boycotting me as a result of his major anger issues. I miss him so much! I would give anything for him to call and say "Grandma, pick me up and let's go to Barnes and Noble for coffee." I don't know when he will be ready to see me. I know he has so much anger to work through, but I really think he'd heal faster with me back in his life.

Have a restful weekend. See some grandkids! I hope to.


Sage said...

OOOOOPS! I have only 15 grandkids. I guess I was counting my ex-daughter-in-laws new baby!

IzzyBeth said...

I love hearing the story of you and your first grandchild. My brother was my maternal grandmother's first grandchild and ONLY grandson. He was pretty special in her eyes as well.

We lost her almost 3 years ago. And I still miss her. Probably my fondest memories of her are when we woulds sing together. Whether in the swing, washing dishes, or working in the garden - we were always singing.

Tara Smith said...

What on EARTH were you doing up at 3:00?

Remember when I used to put my bathing suits on him over his diaper? I specifically remember a red one I had that said "Coca Cola" all over it.

Lisa J said...

I have two grandchildren and they are from my step daughter. But I can not imagine loving a child any more than I do them. They lived on the coast until just recently so we were not around them much at all. You that know me, know I now spend a lot of quality time with those babies every single chance I get.

My grandmother had mental health issues and often would be institutionalized. I missed her. So when she would be home I would try to stay with her every chance I got. I remember staying one weekend (my grandpa was not with her, he might have already divorced her by this time). I think I was in my very early teens or maybe pre-teen. Grandma and grandpa had this cement statue of a donkey and I think a little Mexican boy leading him. I also think at one time there might even been a little cart that the donkey pulled. But now only the donkey was around. He was very sad looking and I had the bright idea we needed to paint him. Grandma did not have a car nor drive so we walked to the store. It was very, very far. Looking back now, I think it might have been nearly five miles, but we walked it to buy paint. Once we got there I was soooo tired I just could not walk back. Grandma called for a taxi to take us home, she probably did not have the money to do that, but we did. It was my first time in a taxi, I thought it was awesome. We went home and painted that donkey. He is in my flower garden right now in need of a new paint job. His left ear has broken off, but he has such great memories for me that he will stay with me till I die. Then they can do what ever they want with him. For now, he will be "put to pasture" here with me.

Tipper said...

I think grandparents enjoy kids more-because they realize how fast time goes by.

pam said...

I have a little boy like that right now. Not my grandson, but my own. He's my best buddy and as I read this I just thought of how he is beginning to outgrow me at times. I love him and thought your post was very touching, it spoke to me today.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have spent an entire day just reading all of your blogs and the posters' blogs. I must confess, it was a little difficult to follow which daughter was who.. maybe you should tell them. I can so relate to your posts, my mom has some repressed issues... kinda like your grandmother. She thinks I am oblivious to this, but I am not. I pray for her nightly and know that the Lord will answer my prayers like all those before. Sometimes, I feel a little nutty myself, but I am reminded that the Word says, I have the mind of Christ. Once I put that to heart, I haven't felt as crazy as I use too. I look forward to your next post,

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