Thursday, March 06, 2008

Winner of The John Wayne Trivia Quiz.

Yesterday's trivia question was 'who played the brother-in-law to John Wayne's character in The Quiet Man', and what was another movie they were in together.

Victor McLaglen/McLaughlin was the actor who was in 120 movies between 1920 and 1958. I thought it was strange that his name was spelled differently at times. I don't know if it was done on purpose or accidentally. There were four movies in which he shared the screen with The Duke. Fort Apache-1948, She Wore A Yellow Ribbon-1949, Rio Grande-1950, and The Quiet Man-1952. With the exception of The Quiet Man, all others were westerns--military westerns.

Aren't you a better person for 'the knowin of it' as they would say in Inishfree. And Amy, you answered most of the question. Won't your hubby be so proud of you. I'm always thrilled to find anyone who loves The Duke and his movies.

On another day, I'll take some pics of my room. I'm very proud of it since I did everything myself.

Thanks everyone for the comments. I'm having such fun with my blog, and truly enjoying everyone elses.

We were promised snow last night. Where did it go? The weather station promised. When I make a promise to my family or friends, I'm expected to honor that promise. What a disappointment!!

I was planning a day at home with an opportunity to work on my Easter sewing.

Yes, folks I have successfully mentioned John Wayne and sewing in the same post. How on earth did that happen?

It's time to get ready for work and go out in the blizzard--oh wait, there is no blizzard--else I'd get to stay home.


Lisa J said...

I have added you to my daily reading and enjoy your blog very much. Happy writing.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Do you love your Honda so far? Any problems? I am so new to the Honda world...

Hallie :)

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