Tuesday, March 04, 2008

We all want to be Queen

I watched with interest last night the Barbara Walter's Special on Queen Elizabeth. I actually missed the first part and came in about where she was planning to come to the US for an official state visit and a trip to the Kentucky Derby.

She is a grand lady and seems to be quite down to earth(if a royal can be down to earth). She is over 80 and still goes at a full pace and is quite in charge of everything. Prince Phillip just follows in her wake. I wonder if he's ever had to make a decision or if she gets to make them all.

Do you think she gets tired of all the pomp and ceremony? Do you think she'd like just once to go out to get the paper in her curlers and bathrobe? Maybe go out to McDonalds for a breakfast burrito? Or just be able to sit with people in the park and carry on a meaningless conversation just to pass the time.

It's such a 'glam' life and she always does it with such grace that we never think about the down side to it. But I think we got a real glimpse of the other side of this life through Diana and Fergy. It must be a lonely life to sit at the top and have everything you do examined under a microscope.

I can't imagine what it would be like not to be able to pick up the phone and visit with my friends, go out to eat at any restaurant of our choosing, go to the movies on bargain night. Sneak a drink into the movie and get one big bucket of popcorn and share among 5 people and go back and get refills.

If Queen Elizabeth did any of these things, it would be splashed all over the news. They'd say she'd lost her mind.

And what about those crowns she has access to. How do you pick which one you wanted to wear, or is there some order? Oh yes, I have to wear this crown on Thursday week for the fox hunt. And I have to wear that one on Sunday afternoons for my nap.

I think I'm better off not being a queen. Because I probably would go outside in my curlers and robe, and a breakfast burrito sounds pretty good right now.


OHmommy said...


I watched the SAME show last night and thought the SAME things. Do you think she gets tired of wearing her gloves and tiara?

Does she eat with those gloves at special dinners? Or takes them off?

I am SURE she has no idea what anything for McD's taste like. I wish I did not either. Maybe I would be 5 pounds lighter. LOL!

Amy said...

wouldn't it be fun to at least do it for just one day?

i can't even imagine how her life must be.

as much as i would love to try living the glam or royal life, i am pretty content with mine!

have a nice night!

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