Sunday, March 30, 2008

Junk Food List

One of the comments I received the other day asked what junk food I feed my granddaughter when she comes to my house. My daughter has done a good job of watching what they eat and they have some very good eating habits.

For instance, she won't eat cookies, and doesn't want much in the way of baked sweets. She will, however, eat sweet tarts and gummy worms. I try not to keep much in the way of junk food, because if it's here, you guessed it, I will eat it. But when we go to the store, I usually allow her to pick something. You know what? She usually picks gum. Not me, I'd have picked the biggest candy bar on the shelf.

When she came home with me Thursday night, I was still eating Easter leftovers, and I knew she wouldn't care much for dressing and the like. But the one thing she will always eat are potato chips. The wavy plain ones are the ones I keep. She likes them with milk. So for supper, she had more than one helping of potato chips and milk. I made her some rice crispy treats, but she didn't touch them forcing me to eat the whole pan. That was really hard.

Next morning, however, she came in and ordered eggies for breakfast. It seems that a sitter(who was, by the way, wrapped tightly around her little finger) would make scrambled eggs for every morning. So now when she comes, I'm pressed into the service of making them for her. I am always told that the eggies should be cooked in butter, and to put a little milk in them. All this from a 4 year old. Can you imagine how bossy she's going to be when she 14?

Maybe I won't kill them or cause all their teeth to fall out prematurely, but I do have to agree with my oldest daughter, and I pretty much used this philosophy on her kids too. If you leave them with me, don't complain about what I feed them. After all, I'm doing you a favor.

When my children were little, I honestly don't remember monitoring what they ate. We didn't get candy and soft drinks often so I guess it just wasn't much of a problem.

What do you feed your grandchildren/children? Are you a better grandmother/mother than I am? I must know.

Have a happy Sunday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.

Christ is risen.


Lisa J said...

Oh I so agree with you, you leave me the grandkids, don't complain. But I do try very hard to keep the same routine with the baby, and try to keep a picky 6 year old happy. He eats way too much junk and I have gotten tougher on making him eat better before the sweets. He loves his root beer but I tend to buy juice packs for him to easily get and hold. But he loves to eat popcorn and watch a movie with grandma, mostly on her lap, latter in the evening, and then goes to bed with the three boxer dogs. And we love to make salmon patties together, with him making a cooking show with his make believe camera and crew. He even tells me when we are going to commercial (usually potty break!) Don't you just love them??? (grandkids, I mean) We are finally blessed with having them back in the same state verses being on either east or west coast. So we will treasure the next three maybe four years like you wouldn't believe. Then we will have to let them go again. The time will fly by, so grandma's guest room, will be a grandkid room mostly. Can't wait. Come on summer, grandma is waiting with baited breath for school to be out.
Zoo passes, check, horse riding camp, next check, aquarim tickets, check, bubble gun with extra bubbles, check, and kites...check.
fishing poles, check, worms? in the garden, check. Ok, life looks pretty good. Happy Sunday to you to. Hug your grandkids for me will ya? said...

Yea, I am back in town and catching up with you.

We try to eat healthy and I must say I feed my children better than I eat myself.

I ADORE the tea towels so put me in the drawing. What a wonderful talent!

The Park Wife

Anonymous said...

Hey, best friend, You do know my computer skill aren't very good? Well for two days that other friend of yours (no names) and I tried to figure out how to post a comment so maybe I could win the tea towels, but it never happened. I hopefully am figuring out this blog stuff. I have read stuff about you I didn't know. Very interesting. I thinking I'll start blogging about "dysfunction junction". JUST JOKING!! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! YOUR BESTEST FRIEND, CAROLYN

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