Monday, March 31, 2008

News Flash: Contest Will End Today

I've decided to end the contest for the tea towels today. If you didn't see the picture of one of them, you can go to the post titled 'Wednesday Rants and Offerings'.

Sometime around 4:00 p.m. cst. today, I'll take the entries from today and put them with the rest, and do that random number generator thingee. Then one person will be the proud new owner of the two tea towels that I have embroidered.

This was a labor intensive project. There are over 11,000 stitches in each design, and about 15 thread changes. I put in about 2 hours on each one. But I think they turned out pretty well.


Pam said...

Shirley, I am not sure why, but your comments seem to sometimes get stuck in my Spam filter. I am getting them and will try to correct it. I find them and post them when I do, so I apologize for the mix up. It did this once before to another friend, I have no clue why. I love hearing from you and appreciate your kind words! Rest assured, if something doesn't show up right away, I do find it eventually later in the day! Sorry about the mix up till I can figure why it's acting weird!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

How fun to read your comment on my blog. But I'm too late to get in on the Tea Towels drawing, darn! Look forward to keeping up with a new cyberspace friend.

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