Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Medicine Mania and Maddness Part Duex

Well, you guessed it, I had done exactly what I thought I had. I discontinued the wrong bp med. How smart is that? I never claimed to be super intelligent, but who'd a thunk, I couldn't even keep two meds straight.

I called the dr's office after lunch. The conversation was much better than I anticipated. Nurse Jennifer was on hold with an insurance company, so Pam had her call me back. When I told her what I thought I had done, she looked up my chart and sure enough, I was taking two meds of the same kind.

I have now remedied that situation, and we'll see how things progress. I have also made myself some written notes and am no longer relying on mental ones, since we've just seen how that works out.

Now on to more important stuff. Who do you think will be eliminated tonight on DWTS? For the woman, I can't decide if it will be Marisa the bubbly short gal from Broadway or the Monica Celas. She doesn't seem to have much rythmn. But you can bet the farm it will be one of them.

I also think the men's will be between Penn and Carolla, maybe they should do an act, has a bit of ring to it, but then you'd never know what was going on, because they both talk all the time. Steve Gutenberg is giving his best, but I don't think he will get the votes or has the fan base to keep him on for long. Of course, look how long Wayne Newton stayed last season.

I have to say that Jason Taylor and the hip-hop guy are making a good showing, and Christian, the latin guy is really hunky and talented also.

As for the gals, Kristi Yamaguchi is really going to be hard to beat, and if she has the fan base to vote, I think she could easily go all the way. You can't help but want to give Marlee Matlin a standing ovation. If she could hear, can you imagine how good she'd be. She has style and grace and I applaude her. Priscella Presley was a very pleasant surprise also. I'm proud that a 60 year old grandmother is doing so well. Shannon Elizabeth, with the legs up to her earlobes is really good as well. She definitely has dancer's legs.

But then, even if I were ever asked to do such a thing, you can bet it would be a total disaster. I could do the Twist as a teenager(dating myself here), and even took a ball room dance class in college, but to get in front of millions of people and attempt to do what these people are doing. There's no way. So those who can't--judge. So from my recliner, where I will be every time the show comes on, I will make my decisions for what they are worth, and we'll see what happens.

Opinions people!! Voice them here. I know you have them.


Tara said...

C'mom mom.....watch American Idol with me.

I like DWTS, but I had bunko last night, so I had free entertainment otherwise.

I did watch part of it last week and got to see the deaf girl (forgot how to spell her name) dance...she did really well! I hope she doesn't get pity votes like Heather Mills did (or I thought she did)...but this girl is so much more likeable than Heather Mills.

Hope you feel better today....Not sure how you couldn't, but I am NOT snickering!

#1daughter said...

She is snickering. I heard her. Why don't you people watch something with a little class like Law & Order or CSI: Miami instead of those dancing and singing shows. I was adopted wasn't I?

Amy said...

Don't feel badly about needing to make notes regarding your meds, I do that too when my girls have prescriptions. I can't remember everything - I'm usually on memory overload.

Now about this Dancing with the stars..I just really don't know who is going to come out of this the winner. Each week the one I like changes! LOL I guess I'll keep watching!

Pam said...

Never under estimate the "fat girl" vote for the hair spray chick. (I don't vote, but I consider myself one of the "fat girls" so I can rightfully say, I think MANY will vote for her) I also think she may be a skinny girl if she keep going!
Marlee is good, I agree. My mom and I think Pricilla looks like she is ready to kill over though. I read somewhere she had a bad botox like treatment, that may be it. Weird what vanity can do to ya!
We love that show. I have no clue why, none of us dance! And we never vote, we just watch. Even my nine year old son gets into it. It's something we all seem to watch together as a family.
Hope you get the meds straightened out and feel better!

Flea said...

Opinions? I think that pink and blue look adorable on babies. I also think that snow is mucho fun. Lessee ... it is my opinion that dogs are far better pets than cats.

Lisa J said...

I got a big kick out of tonights drama as well. Not on the tv, but here on the blog and all the comments. If I wasn't so tired from being at the hospital today with my aunt having surgery I would try to come up with some snappy remark as well. CSI Miami classy??? You've got to be kidding me!!!! No police department has all the toys they have! A hummer???? Somebody just shoot me! Good night all. See you tomorrow!

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