Thursday, March 27, 2008

See What I Have to Put Up With!!

As you can see, both my daughters have not only found my blog, but now are arguing on it. You'd think I never did anything for either of them. Acutally, they just like to give me a hard time.

There are 10 years difference in these two girls, and ever since the youngest was born, the older one has claimed she was adopted. At some point, I'll post a picture or two and you will see that the oldest one cannot claim she doesn't belong to me. And even though there is a strong family resemblance between you youngest and me, she looks, is built and walks more like her father.

News Flash: Back to my first effort for a contest. I've decided that 50 is a pretty high number, so I'm dropping it to 30, and I forgot to tell you that you can enter each day.

As much fun as it is reading comments on other blogs, it is just so special to have them on my own.

I love both my daughters. They like to give me grief. But they are both good girls. I can't mention them unless I give equal time to my son. He is my favorite son, but then he is the only one. He is my middle child, and had all the middle child things going on in his life, but he is a very good son. He gave me enough grief as a child, so he doesn't do that any more. I love him as well. He is a very good son.

The absolute best thing about these three children is they have shared their children with me unconditionally. I have always been able to have them with me any time I wanted them. I have been allowed to spoil them and love them and for 10 years, I had only one. His mother, daughter #1, let me drag that child anywhere I wanted to. I'll tell you about some of our excursions sometime.


Lisa J said...

So the kids fight even as they get older? Great! I had hoped mine would out grow it by the mid 20's.
Just kidding, sounds like you have a great family that loves their momma! And aren't the grandkids the greatest thing in the world. By the way, the dresses turned out so beautiful! Hats off to your talent.

#1daughter said...

Ahem, mother, there is 12 years difference between me & my beautiful, sweet sister (insert laughter here) and you had your 1st grandchild for 12 years before having the 2nd one. Are you sure you've gotten your meds straightened out? And yes, giving you a hard time is one of my favorite pasttimes (sp). But then, what would you do without me? I have to go look for my birth parents now. Love ya!

IzzyBeth said...

I need more stories about these kids, so I know what I have to deal with in a few years!! (I have daughter, son, daughter as well!)

Tara said...

Oh geez.....Do you even know when our birthdays are?

Poor Joey...I'm sure you probably aren't even sure what month his is.

Mary...don't bother looking for your birth parents. Their trailer got blown away in that tornado last month. But don't worry about your parents. They were safe at the dental office getting the last of their teeth extracted while their children were being looked after by a neighbor, who happened to be a stranger (inside joke).

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is making me miss my mother. I'm glad your kids and grandkids have you.

Thanks for stopping by my place.

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