Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Have a Crazy Wonderful Life

When I first started blogging, I thought I had absolutely nothing that would interest anyone. I looked at Pioneer Woman whose life is the stuff of which dream seem to be made. Then I began reading Chickens In The Road and knew right away that I could never compare to a published author who is doing amazing things Then there's Chocolatechic who is warm and always happy, and I felt her pain as she saw her Grams come to the end of her journey.

I read A Bug's Life and Wonderful World of Weiners where there struggles with health, and I love the food blogs. And the list of blogs I read continues to grow. There's Lisa J who spent several years enforcing laws and helping make a safer place for us to live.

So I said to myself, 'I have nothing to contribute, I live a very dull life. I just go to work--nothing special about my job--I go to church--I do help feed the college age kids on Wednesday night--I play with my grandchildren, sew and that's about it.' As you see, not very interesting. But being a glass half full type of gal, and a self proclaimed fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal, I manage to enjoy my time on this planet.

Fortunately, I have a lot of friends and family who help me through. I tell my daughters at every opportunity that God put me on this earth to have them and then to warp them. And, I might add, I take my work very seriously, and I feel I've done an excellent job. If you read their comments(and they make them!), you know they give me a hard time as often as possible too.

Who keeps you blogging? Who keeps you going? Who is special in your life. Remember that inquiring mind of mine--which the kids just call being nosey.

Have a happy Saturday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.

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Lisa J said...

This blogging is what keeps me blogging. I love connecting with people all over this great country and to see how other people live their lives. We are all just people, even the pioneer woman. We each bring a specialness to this world. Look at your talent!!! You have such a beautiful eye for the art of sewing. I can't even thread a needle so to speak. And you bring such joy to me every morning when I get up and read your blog knowing that you are there and another day, good or bad, is here. Better than the alternative! At this point I am not quite ready for the alternative, would like to put it off a few more years if possible. So here is to you my new friend, and fellow blogger, here is to life, family, and our faith.

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