Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Four Year Old and her Tic-A-Fit

I am asked ocassionally to pick up my four year old granddaughter, The Brunette, after work and either take her home with me or deliver her to one of her parents. This I gladly do, since she is one of the great joys in my life.

Yesterday was one of those days. Dad didn't get off work until 6, mom had to go home and pick up the Blonde after school. I went to her 'school', gathered up her paraphernalia while she chattered like a little magpie. I was getting the things from her cubby and one of them was a laminated piece of paper that told she was student of the week last week. It had her name prined in large letters and a bright orange lion decorated the upper left corner.

We discussed what it was with Ms. Whitney, the afternoon worker, and she told Brunette just how proud of her she was. Being student of the week is quite a feat for this little bundle of energy since she has a hard time being still and is almost never quiet unless she's asleep.

We got into the car and began to talk about the letter she is studying this week and some words that begin with an 'S'. Then she began talking about a 'tic-a-fit'. I let her talk and basically agreed with her, not having a clue what she was talking about--dangerous, huh? Then very casually she asked for her 'tic-a-fit'. I asked her 'what are you talking about?' and she repeated it.

I finally had to tell her I didn't know what she was saying. She said, 'you know memaw, that thing with the lion on it'. Then it dawned on me, she was wanting her certificate. Now as most of you know, you can't just burst out laughing, even though you think it is so funny, and I certainly found the humor in this little phrase, but I handed it to her and she rattled on. So very proud of her accomplishments and her 'tic-a-fit'.

After I took her to meet her daddy, I didn't feel so bad. He didn't have a clue what she was saying either. And he's a smart daddy too. He didn't laugh out loud either.

All children have some words or phrases that come out crooked. Tell me about yours.

We are having a gospel meeting this week. Last night's topic was 'Revive us through Prayer'. Scripture was based on James 5:13-20. If we feel the need for prayer, we are to ask others to pray for us. Please pray for me. My prayer life needs strengthening.

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Flea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Doesn't look like you're too very far from me! I don't smock nearly as much as I did. I learned while pregnant with my last child, a boy (darn!), who is now nearly eleven. Every chance I get, I smock for friends and family who have little ones. But those opportunities are farther and fewer between now. I think I'm just waiting it out for grandkids in the next ten years or so. :(

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