Friday, March 21, 2008

What's Growing Under Your Birdfeeder?

I stayed home yesterday in an effort to get adjusted to my new blood pressure medicine. When sitting in my recliner, I can see out to the driveway which is made of packed chat. I began to notice a big fat robin, and as I watched it, I realized that it was eating a worm. My eyesight isn't great but I could tell it was a big fat worm. The poor worm was wiggling and squirming around all while the robin pecked at it.

I've seen birds with what I thought might be a worm in their beaks, but this robin wasn't holding it. It was on the driveway and couldn't manage to get back into the ground. So robin was pecking away.

I grew up on a farm and saw all manner of animals doing all maner of things, but I don't remember paying much attention to the birds. We had a lot of crows and blackbirds, but mainly we wanted to be rid of them, and I can remember my mother saying she had a mockingbird that sat on the tv antenna and sang, but I just didn't pay much attention to any of them.

Now, since I don't have access to other animals(I have not pets), I enjoy watching the birds. And it's always interesting to see what kinds of birds come to the feeder, and what they do while they are there. In the process of eating, seeds fall to the ground. Some birds will eat from there, while others never seem to notice what has fallen. As a result of seeds falling, I've had some unusual plants spring forth under there. I've had grass, caster beans and other assorted things that come up. What grows under the bird feeder?

Trivia question: Put on your Gunsmoke hat. We all know Marshall Matt Dillon was played by James Arness. The question for today is who recommeded he be the choice to play this role?

Hope the rain is receding or the snow is melting from your surroundings. After all, yesterday was the first day of spring.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Is it bad for me to admit I have never seen a Gunsmoke episode ever?

Don't hate me...

Hallie :)

Lisa J said...

You warned me about feeding the birds, and too late, I am addicted!
I have enjoyed watching them, plus we have squirrels that feed under the feeder. I am not a squirrel fan, but they do give entertainment, keep my dogs active, and are eating the seeds that the birds drop. So it might all be a good thing for now.

I grew up with Gunsmoke but can not answer your question.

#1daughter said...

John Wayne of course. I can't imagine you having a trivia quesiton that the answer ISN'T John Wayne.

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