Sunday, March 02, 2008

What are the things you love?

It's Sunday and time to count my blessings, which I try to do at least once a day, but I thought today might be a good time to list the things I love.

1. I love my Lord and all He's done for me.

2. Of course I love my family, my children and grandchildren.

3. I love the place I go to worship and all the wonderful people there.

4. I love my friends, and I have a lot of very good friends.

5. I love antiques, I have a few, some are family, some aren't.

6. I love crystal, I have some that I've collected over the years.

7. I love cheesecake. I made one this week, and it's all gone.

8. I love anything Cherry Vanilla from Bath and Body Works.

9. I love to smock clothing for my grandchildren.

10. I love to sew, it soothes me when I'm tired, upset or generally in a bad mood.

11. I love to travel, don't get to travel much, but I love it when I can.

You thought I was going to wax philosopical or something didn't you? I have very basic loves. Doesn't take much to please me.

If you read this post, tell me some of the things you love.

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Lisa J said...

1.I love the quiet nights sitting on the porch just watching the evening go by.(when its warm out)
2.I love the time with my family, each one brings special memories to cheerish forever.
3.I love to take pictures of any and everything.
4. I love being "home" again after being gone for 30 years.
5.I love that I have made an impact on people's lives for the past 21 years.
6. I LOVE my dogs. They bring me unconditional love and happiness.
7.I love life in general, what a good life I have been blessed with for 47 years.
8. I love eating out.
9.I love that I was able to retire at an early age and can enjoy it.
10. I love a fire in the fireplace, and a clean house. (it doesn't happen very often so when it does, it sure makes me feel good, and of course I LOVE that!)

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