Thursday, March 13, 2008

One Down, Two to Go

I promised that when I finished my youngest granddaughter's Easter dress, I'd post a picture. Well, here is it.

That's a good thing. Unfortunately, I have two more to do. I'm supposed to smock one, and my daughter(the girl's mother) is smocking the other one. Then I have to have them sewn together and ready for next Sunday.

The youngest is a tiny little thing. Her dress is lavendar. The older girls have the same dress. The Blonde's dress is sky blue, and the Brunette's is spring green. They are all going to be made the same. Did I say that already? We hope to get pictures of them together.

Our Gospel meeting came to an end last night. It was a wonderful meeting. We had many responses, and the preaching was wonderful. My body is tired and cranky this morning, but my spirit is refreshed.
I play cards tonight with my conasta club, and my son and his family will be here Friday to look at daycare and some houses. They are moving home soon. My DIL has a new job that she will begin mid April, and my son has some loose ends to tie up, and he'll be here as well. I'm very excited that they are moving back. They've been gone for 7 years, and now with two children, they want to be closer to home and family. I'm truly blessed.
I'm having a full week. I need rest. I guess that'll come in a few years. I've too much to do this week.
Are you having a busy week? If so, tell me about yours.


Lisa J said...

The dresses are BEAUTIFUL! You are so talented. I am thrilled for you to be getting your family back home, you will be even busier than you are now!!! It will be a great tired after you the other kids around more huh!? OK, what kind of canasta do you play? We play Ft. Worth canasta with five decks of cards! I love it!

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I am having a busy month. I am having to re-prioritize and it just ain't fun! I find myself having to other things before blog stuff and I hate it.

The dresses are gorgeous. What talent! I can stitch a hem but that is it.

Shirley said...

Lisa, we play conasta with two decks and play partners. We've been playing for about 23 years. There are 12 of us, each hosting one time a year.

I don't know that ours has any particular name. And it has evolved somewhat with a few rule changes--like you'd better not go out, and if you run out, you float. High points win. We play more for the fellowship than anything else.

Amy said...

You are so talented. This dress is gorgeous! I wish I had a girl to dress up.

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