Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring is , well, Springing

This is the scene from my front. I took this picture yesterday morning about 7:00 AM. It had started raining and thundering about 5:30, and continued to rain off and on all day.

I planted this little redbud tree right in front of my house in an effort to have some shade. My house faces west, and the afternoon sun comes right in my front door and window. I have oak trees across the front of the property, but my drive makes a perfect place for the sun to peek through. The tree is a delight since it has such pretty blooms in the spring, and then has heart shaped leaves all summer. It's the same tree that I took pictures of my grandchildren in a few posts back.

If you look toward the bottom of the picture, you see something brown. This is what was left behind from the big rain we had last week. The green you see isn't grass, it's weeds. I meant to burn my yard off in February, thus keeping me from having to mow until sometime in May, but alas, I failed to do that, so before long, the mower will have to come out, and at least make an effort for the yard to look good.

I purposly didn't take pictures out toward the pine trees. There are pine cones and small limbs everywhere. These will have to be raked prior to mowing as well. Now I remember why I like Winter--no yard work!!!

What yard work are you dreading? I want to know.

Have a happy Monday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

Broken tree branches from hundreds of trees do to the major ice storm in Dec. 07. Thought we had it pretty well cleaned up then we cut the "hangers" from the trees. Here we go again. And we have lots of raking and picking up before we can mow. Plus.... today is tornado day, already having several and it is only 7:30 a.m. Not a good sign. But then, no outside yard work today for me! Oh darn. Happy Monday!

Lisa J said...

good grief, it is "due" not "do". I should have previewed first. Sorry I do have proper grammer, just not sure where I put it.

Shirley said...

Lisa J. I think you are getting the weather now that we will have tonight and tomorrow.

As for the grammer thing, I let things slip too. I left a post about my Redbut tree on another blog. I hope they knew I meant Redbud.

Thanks for visiting my site. I really enjoy yours.

Pam said...

Oh that is beautiful! I was reading about the cherry blossoms in DC being in bloom and wishing we could have gotten down this year. I hate going to the city, but they sure are nice to see. I haven't been in ages when they were in blossom. Our trees are coming on slow, maybe a few more weeks here. If it stays warmer it could be sooner. We've had a lot of wind and I think some things that bloomed early are already gone. the picture is lovely!

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