Saturday, February 16, 2008

Time to start Smocking for Easter

I've been smocking for years. I started smocking for my daughter #2 when she was about 2ish. And I continued until she was about 7. I kept the dresses, loaned them out, didn't get them all back, and now #2's daughters are wearing them, and they are being passed on to the newest granddaughter.

I received a piece of fabric in the mail today. It's a lavender check that I will smock for the newest granddaughter. She will be 9 months old by the time Easter rolls around. I have to have it finished and mailed by the first of March since Easter pictures will be made around the 7th of March. Man!, I've got to get busy, that's less than 3 weeks away. By the time I finish it, maybe I'll know how to post pictures here and will show it off.

I've also got to learn how to link my posts so that when I make comments to other sites, anyone who reads it can link back to my blog.

Another day.

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