Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm going to The Brunette's party.

I'm going to The Brunette's party in a few minutes. Her class exchanged valentines yesterday, but are having the party today. I know a good time will be had by all.

I took her to school this morning. She was fine in the car, and going in, but after I signed her in, she went all clingy on me and was crying real tears when I left. I hate to leave them crying, but you have to go on to work, else you wouldn't need to leave them.

She really likes her school and talks about it alot. She has learned soooo much in the few months she's been going there. And she has a best friend. She talks about her a lot too. But even seeing BF, she didn't stop crying. She knows I'm a pushover, and thought I'd take her with me, but alas!, I couldn't. My employer is good, but I don't think bringing small children for the whole day would be allowed. If so, there's about 1100 employees here and if they all started bringing their children and grand's, not much would get done. We are an instutition of higher learning, and we have an obligation to the students that come here.

Maybe one day, I'll win the lottery and won't have to work, but of course by then, the grand's will all be in regular school, and I think there's a law against not sending them to school.

I'm back from the party and have brought The Blonde One with me back to work. She has been drawing pictures for me on old desk calendar sheets. The party was fun. The kids had made things to go on their heads with antenae that said Love Bug on them in glitter. They had snacks and went back to their rooms. These are all 3 and 4 year olds.

On a sad note, The Brunette One's BFF got sick and had to go home. She missed the party.

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