Sunday, February 17, 2008

Is Spring really right around the corner?

During this morning's worship service, our minister talked about seeing jonquils beginning to peek out of the ground and that soon there would be blooms and then beautiful yellow and white flowers.

That's quite hard to imagine right now since it's cloudy and overcast, and the wind is gusting to 37 mph, and it's cold outside.

I for one, will be glad when Spring arrives, but just as it does, Summer will follow close on it's heels. With summer comes cleaning up from all the winter weather, cutting the grass, and mosquitos. It also has its good things like outdoor sports and BBQ'ing.

But back to the spring flowers. The minister also talked about going into the country and finding places where Easter flowers(as we always called them) grow in a field. This is a sure sign that a house once stood on that spot. Probably a 'home place' where families lived, grew their children, had happy times and most likely sad times, but a 'home place' never the less.

We had one of those. We were share croppers so the place didn't belong to us, but mother treated it like it was ours. She planted rose bushes, peonies, jonquils and anything else that others shared with her. My dad loved flowers, but he would never be bothered with growing them. His mother had flowers everywhere. She had no yard, just flowers. Every old pot, pan and tub on the place was filled with some kind of flowers.

It's nice to remember those types of things. We often forget our roots, we're all so busy keeping our heads above water that we fail to think about the old times. But they were good times, weren't they? Or is it that we just remember them better than they actually were?

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