Tuesday, February 19, 2008

15 Minute Increments cont'd

I told you yesterday that I'd let you know how the 15 minute increments worked for me. I did get my bathroom clean--took two separate 15's, but I'm pleased that it is done. I also got most of my bills written out and a package ready to mail to my BFF for her birthday--not that it mattered, the Post Office wasn't open yesterday, President's Day. My increments worked pretty well yesterday morning, but about 5:30 yesterday afternoon, I realized they had fallen by the wayside. Still, I did get a bit done. I think knowing I'm only going to work on something for 15 minutes gives me an incentive to at least do something.

I'm not usually off, but have had a bug for the last couple of days, so I stayed home yesterday, and looks like I'm staying home again today. I've been up a while, and definitely not feeling better. I hope that reading my blog won't pass my germs along. If you think it might, please use your hand sanitizer when you finish reading this.

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