Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My Poor Sick Grandchild

Daughter #2 called this morning to tell me that her oldest child - The Blonde One - got up this morning up-chucking all the way to the bathroom. After giving her a bath and a dose of Phenagren, she put her on the couch so her daddy could take care of her while mommy went on to work. Daddy didn't have to be at work until noon today, so he's the designated parent this morning. Daughter #2 will work til noon and then go home to relieve daddy.

Its amazing what goes through a child's mind when they are sick. She wasn't concerned with the fact that she'd made a mess in the floor, or that mommy would have to come home from work early, or that we are involved in global warming and a race for president that has gone totally berserk. She was concerned with whether she would be able to go to her valentine party at school tomorrow.

Now I realize at the tender age of 5, she wouldn't normally worry about the things I mentioned above, but I think it shows that they do worry at that age. I don't remember worrying at the age of 5. Of course, at my age, I don't remember much about being 5.

What other types of worries would a 5 year old have? Maybe which friend to play with today? I do feel that Daughter #2 and her husband have done a great job of making sure The Blonde One and her sister don't have too much to have to worry about. For that I am thankful.

But I do feel sorry for her, hope she gets better and also hope that the youngest child - The Brunette One, and the rest of the family don't get it.

Oh, yes, and I hope for world peace and that we have a warming trend soon. 25 degree weather is just too cold for me.

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