Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Lace Cap Hydrangea

I planted a Lace Cap Hydrangea about 6, maybe 7 years ago. It was small, and I didn't expect it to bloom the first year, but thought it might the second.

By the third year I was getting a little frustrated with it, but continued to baby it and try to coerce it into blooming. Finally two years ago, I got two or three blooms, but the next year there were none.

I began thinking about moving it or digging it up and trashing it this spring. We've had a lot of rain, and it has been difficult to do much in the yard. Since I was depending on my son to hook onto it and pull it out with his gator, we had to wait until the yard was dry and firm enough to be able to do that.

Then as luck would have it, we forgot about it with other things being more important. I walked down to the location of the doomed plant, and what do you know. It is absolutely covered in blooms. They aren't open yet, but they are getting ready to, and if we continue to have 80+ degree weather, I have a feeling the blooms will burst open soon. I guess esp or something told that plant if it wanted to live, it better start producing.

What pleasant surprises have you had recently? It's important for me to know.

Please don't forget to attend Bible Study tonight.

Have a great Wednesday. Do something silly. Make someone smile.


Sage said...

Please post a picture of your beautiful plant when it is in full bloom. I'll bet it is going to be beautiful!

A pleasant surprise? The dear 92 year young man across the street, who goes to our church, just brought me a card to give to my 85 year young mom when I go in today. Isn't that sweet?

I love reading your posts. Even when you're not feeling well (and I'm glad you are better!) you always end on a positive note and I appreciate that so much. Thanks!


Tipper said...

I have a pink Hydrangea and went through the same ordeal you did. I didn't think it would ever bloom-it did after about 4 years.

My surprise-I won a giveaway on Indie Blog and got all kinds of goodies.

Sorry you haven't been feeling well.

Treasia said...

I love hydrangea's and can't wait to see it in full bloom. Please do post pics when it is.

Lisa J said...

You must be REALLY busy, so have a great weekend, enjoy your family time, don't over do it, and then collasp after it is all over. Thinking about you and the reunion you are preparing for. Happy Memorial Day, a day to remember.

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