Monday, May 05, 2008

Blogging Is My New Passion!

Less than two years ago, I couldn't have even begun to tell you what a Blog was. I kept hearing the word, and even saw a blog on MSNBC's web page. But to know what to do with one(other than reading) was totally foreign to me.

Daughter#1 has a very good friend what was into blogging and she got her into it. Then my DIL started one. I loved reading and looking at the pictures they posted.

Then slowly but surely I began to feel the need to put my own information out into space. It's interesting that if you send a letter, quite possibly only the person to whom it's addressed will ever read it's contents. If you send an email, that number can go way up, and once that 'send' button has been pressed, you have lost any control over that email(which can bite you in the backside unless you are very careful). Putting information, pictures, recipes anything out on a blog is like saying, 'here is my life-intelligent or not--do with it what you will.

So, I have joined the ranks of bloggers everywhere, and let me just say, I'm loving it. Nothing thrills me more than when a response to one of my posts appears in my email inbox. I have always loved getting personal mail, but this just goes over the roof.

What is your passion? Everyone has at least one. And I must know yours. You are my friends and I need to know all about you. And there's that nosey thing going on too.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Have a fantastic Monday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Will said...

I started my blog a year ago to chronicle my three children's lives. Turns out that I'm purging all of the zany stories from my life and my families lives, keeping it real.

I enjoy it and really get all excited when I see a comment. I don't do it for the comments, but I just love to get comments. I guess it's my need for affirmation, don't know what else it could be.

Mabunny said...

Welcome Meemaw to the blogosphere!
Thanks for visiting my blog, and yes my grandma still had her side of the story that we left her at the mall, but eventually it was back page news, lol. Took awhile though.
I too have been blogging for almost a year now and love love love to get commments. I also put the tracker on my blog and have a blast seeing where everyone is from that visits me. I will book mark your blog and visit often!
Have a great day!

RecipeGirl said...

How fun to find a new passion at 59! Welcome to blogging! I only started blogging at the beginning of this year but I'm loving it. My passion is my website, where I've stored over 2,000 recipes! Good luck with your newfound fun!

Amy said...

I know what you mean about blogging...I think I'm addicted! Most definitely to reading other people's and now I am constantly thinking about various things to discuss on mine!

Crazy - I know?

dawn224 said...

My passion? I think getting my nest created ... which I'd probably get done faster if I wasn't on the computer so much :)

IzzyBeth said...

I am passionate about blogging - and I'm also a feedback junkie . . . so getting blog comments really excites me too!! :-)

Sage said...

I started my blog two years ago also, when my husband and I retired and set out to travel the United States and Canada. We stopped our travels in January when we became aware that my mom was experiencing some memory loss. Mom was hospitalized this weekend, but we still have no answers. Thank you for visiting me this morning and for your comment. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

My passion is probably photography, which has fallen by the wayside these past four months. I'll get back to it soon!

Pam said...

My passions are my son, my photography, music and travel. What else do you wanna know about me?! I love stopping by to read about you too but I gotta say, I am really curious, is there a photo of you somewhere on this blog?! Since one of MY passions is photos, I like to see my blog buddies! Post one if you haven't pretty please!

TheCottonWife said...

I just started blogging too!!

By the way, despite my name we aren't planting cotton this year...grain prices are too good!

Lisa J said...

I think the best part about blogging is seeing that we are all people, no matter where we rest our head we all are pretty much the same. The feel, have emotions, have trials and successes. Life is what WE make of it. So I love seeing how others deal with thier issues. Isn't life grand? Happy blogging. Hope you got my email the other day too!?

Doodles said...

I truly enjoy reading your blog as it is a mix of food and fun.....glad ya started blogging. And thanks for visiting us!!!

Hope you are OK in the weather where you are.

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