Friday, May 02, 2008

Caribou Coffee Chewy Granola Bars

I absolutely love these things. They are chocolate mocha flavored, and every bite is delish. A friend of mine gave me a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty the other day, and I decided I needed some of them. When I found them at WalGreens, the Caribou Coffee were right beside them. Same price, same amount of calories, and chocolate mocha. I'm not a big chocolate fan, -- don't hate me, but I love chocolate and mocha.

I am now buying two boxes at a time. They are wonderful for breakfast, they are great as an afternoon snack, and would be fabulous any other time of the day if I would allow myself to have them. If you haven't had them, and if you like mocha, then you will love them.

I've tried granola bars over the years, and frankly I didn't care much for them. Many were like chewing on a piece of bark with a bit of frosting smeared on them. But let me say, they've come a long way baby.

I'm to the point that I actually look forward to the next time I can squeeze one in.

Enough about that! It's Friday, and there's bound to be some loose ends I need to tie up. We're expecting rain today and tonight. It's cloudy and a little(well, a lot) breezy today. I'm hoping for just rain and maybe a bit of thunder, but no severe weather. We've had our share of that this spring.

Superhero played his first ever T-ball game yesterday afternoon. He liked hitting the ball, but wasn't sure what to do afterward. But the real problem came when the ball wasn't hit to him from the other team. He doesn't have the concept yet of going after the ball. His memaw JuJu and his papaw helped on the field with him, but during the last inning, he just marched off the field. Left papaw standing by himself. It was too funny.

He told us later that the only reason he left the field was that he wanted some popcorn. Oh well, next weeks another game. He'll learn. We seem to be in that 'the journey of a thousand games begins with the first swing of the bat'. Ok, so I took a bit of poetic license there, but you get my drift.

I ordered 'The SouthBeach Diet Supercharged' yesterday. I know you are thinking, she posted fudge yesterday with one hand and ordered a diet book with the other. What can I say. My life is one big oxymoron. If the tone of my posts turns cranky, you'll understand that I've started this diet and it isn't going well. I only need to lose a few pounds--and please daughters and friends who know me personally, don't fall out of your chairs laughing. We all know I need to lose a lot of pounds.

What challenge do you have going on this week? Is it something you don't need to eat, like me, or is it a life decision? Maybe something in your spiritual life? We all have challenges every day, some so small that you don't give them much thought. Some you may spend hours hashing and re-hashing. Let me know about yours. I may not be able to help, but I can add your challenge to those I pray about every day. And there's that whole nosey thing I have going on.

Please pray for my friend Tonya who will bury her grandfather, who she adored, today.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

Oh good morning, and hang on to your shorts for the storms are headed your way. We had two rounds last night, seems about midnight then again 2:30ish. Just a lot of noise, not much rain, and a lot of wind. But today looks pretty nice. We are going to a hamburger cookout tonight for a cousin graduating from college. This weekend will be busy, two soccer games, photos to edit and burn to a disk for soccer team and of course THE KENTUCKY DERBY. Oh I love the start of the horse racing triple crown. Almost as much as football season with OU. It is only because of special memories. Horseracing with my grandfather, and football with my son. Life memories. Have a GREAT weekend, and stay safe.

Will said...

My wife has had the best luck with Weight Watchers. She loves the Sweet Salty things you were talking about and can have them on the diet because the fiber is higher than the other stuff they talk about there which I don't know about. Any way, she loves them.

Love goign to little kid t-ball and soccer, watching the whole team scramble is awesome. Watching all of the parents and coaches mortified by, "they aren't doing it right!" is even better.

pam said...

I was once addicted to the Caribou bars! Now that you reminded me... I am going to have to find them again! How did I ever forget them?!!!!! I used to love them so much when they first came out and I just made myself stop buying them for awhile cause I was eating too many! Loved this post.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I hope you had a great weekend!

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