Friday, May 16, 2008

Leave Them Laughing!

Comedians always want to 'leav em laughin'. Parents and Grandparents who have to leave their children/grandchildren want to at least 'leav em smilin'. But that isn't always the case. And Daughter#2, if you are reading this post. Stop now. Do not read any farther. Close this blog and go unpack something.

As everyone in the blog world who reads my posts know, Little Princess #2 spends the night with me every Thursday night. I pick her up from school/daycare, take her home with me and bring her back to school on Friday.

Remember, she is our drama queen. Everything has expression and usually angst along with whatever she is saying or doing. She can cry at the drop of a hat and shows great pain for a booboo that is two weeks old while explaining how it hurted.

She didn't want to go to school this morning because Superhero hadn't left for his school/daycare yet, but after I explained he would be leaving soon, she went along and got into the car. She complained of the cold this morning, and she had a right because we didn't expect it to be so chilly and she had shorts and sandals on with no jacket.

She sang her new songs for me that her class will be performing at their end of year program. Everything went fine--til we got inside that is. Once I signed her in, she clung to me and didn't want to go into her room. When I left, Ms Angie was telling her that her mother would take away her privileges if she didn't act like a big girl. When I left, she was crying, and Ms Angie was wrestling with her.

So I wasn't able to 'leav her smilin' this morning. And if you know me, I hate to leave anyone upset.

How about you? Did you leave everyone smiling this morning? I do hope so. It makes for a much better day when you do.

Have a fantastic Friday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.

PS Today is the day my #2 grandson was born. His mother lovingly refers to him as 'Rosemary's Baby'.


#1daughter said...

I can't believe that you didn't post that today is the day that I laid in the hospital ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG trying to push out Rosemary's baby!

Also, did you know that 40 years ago today a tornado hit Nettleton, AR and 34 people were killed? I watched the news this morning.

Also, how dare you leave that poor baby at daycare so unhappy! You should've just packed her up and taken her home and played all day.

Also, well there isn't another also, I guess I'll do some work now. Grrr.

Amy said...

HA HA.... I've been there at the daycare leaving each of my kids crying! Oh, my oldest would tell me each and every day when I picked her up that 'she cried for me'.. Ahhh... talk about guilt!

I'm not sure who cried more me or her! LOL

IzzyBeth said...

I don't think I was awake enough to leave anyone smiling this morning . . . I'll make them smile this afternoon! LOL

Lisa J said...

I have smiled and smiled all day!!! This has been such a good day with the grandkids. I thought Allie would be a pill since she only got a 20 min nap this a.m. but she was the best thing all day long. Caleb has been so much fun as well. He sure does talk a lot, but today he was pretty good. He found some of his old toys and then played outside for a couple hours. He even said he wanted to come live longer with us? He made me smile.....

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