Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's a Shrimp, Shrimp Take

Several of you have commented about the pot shots my two daughters take at one another and me on my blog. See what I have to put up with?

Daughter#2 mentioned the phrase that is the title of this post and suggested I tell the story for all to you to either enjoy or scratch your heads and say 'huh?'.

First let me tell you there are several years between these girls. The oldest is 42. And the youngest will be 30 this year. How about them apples, girls? One acts like their father, the other looks like him, and that's all I'll say about that because they know which is which.

When Daughter#1's youngest son was about 5 or 6, maybe a bit younger, he would get on his mother's last nerve. Then she would utter the phrase we have all used at some point in our lives,'You are driving me crazy'.. Somewhere, either Daughter#2 or myself heard the phrase, 'It's a short, short trip' which we thought spoke to her phrase very well. We then attempted to get the phrase in her son's head so that the next time she told him he was driving her crazy, he could tell her, 'It's a short, short trip.

He thought this would be funny too, and sooner than later, the occasion arose to use just this line. We also happened to all be together at the time. Whatever he was doing, caused her to utter her favorite phrase, 'You are driving me crazy', to which he replied, without missing a beat, 'It's a shrimp, shrimp take'. Daughter#2 and I busted out laughing, son didn't like. He hated being laughed at. Daughter#1 was puzzled, not only by what he said, but that we were laughing uncontrollably.

He continued, with our prompting to say the words correctly, but it kept coming out 'It's a shrimp, shrimp take'. The more he tried to say the phrase, the more we laughed. We were finally able to stop laughing long enough to explain what he was trying to say. By the time Daughter#1 finally got the joke, she laughed too. Needless to say, 'It's a shrimp, shrimp take' has become part of our vernacular.

I'm sure every family has words or phrases that have changed either the pronunciation or meaning that is yours and yours alone. Tell me what some of them are. I'd love to know if your family is as quirky as mine.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Attend mid-week services where you worship. Make someone laugh today. And, don't forget, this Sunday is Mother's Day.


#1daughter said...

That penguin looks scared out of her littlel mind! You must show Ivan the picture of Will dressed as Superman. And yes, it's a shrimp, shrimp take for more than just me. And for all of you readers of my wonderful mother's blog, I'M THE ONE WHO ACTS LIKE MY FATHER! I make no excuses for it either. Someone has to carry on the legacy and I'm it!

Amy said...


Oh my gosh! What a cutie!

And just for the record, my middle Daughter is a clone of me - but she acts like her dad! ugh.... All I can say is 'she's always driving me crazy!'... and yes, it's a shrimp, shrimp take! LOL

IzzyBeth said...

Several Christmases ago - when my oldest daughter was about 5 . . . we were talking about the true meaning of Christmas . . .

I asked her, "Why do we celebrate Christmas?" and she said, "Because Jesus was boring."

:-) That, and the Holy Poops which I already posted about on my blog!

#1daughter said...

Oh, and by the way, I'M NOT 42 YET!

OHmommy said...

LOL.... I love the dialogue btwn you guys.

Do they both have the same parents? Sometimes, I do not believe that my children come from the same set. ;)

Blessed said...

That is funny! There are lots of those little things in our family lingo - I'll have to think about it!

Lisa J said...

so funny! cute story, isn't life funny?

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