Friday, July 31, 2009

Oh, My Has it Been Over A Week?

I guess I've lost all track of time. We've been really busy at work, so it's hard to post from here, and at home, there's just been so much to do(Cardinal Baseball on TV).

We've had quite an upsetting event recently. As you know, my DIL got a long note from the Montesorri school where The Banty Hen attends. She's only been there 5 weeks, but they just aren't happy with her behavior, or maybe I should say lack thereof.

She plays nicely with the other children, but isn't terribly interested in sitting during lession time(she's two, for goodness sake)and she eats her lesson material, and she likes to climb on the sink(who's watching these little ones?) So The Banty Hen's mom was basically asked to find child care accommodations elsewhere. At first I thought it was was funny, but then when she got the second note, I got downright angry. My DIL pays hard earned money for this beautiful, innocent child to be cared for, and this 'school' who is supposed to be the very best can't handle a two year old. I can't see any evil in her eyes, can you?

The other thing that ticked me off was that on one occassion at home, DIL told Banty to sit on her bottom. She grabbed her own cheeks and said in a cranky voice,'Aubee, sit down!'. We don't pinch cheeks to get her to do things and no one else in the family or church do that, so where do you think that came from. It is my opinion, and just my opinion, mind you, but I think that's what someone has been doing to her at school in order to make her do what they want.

So being the protective grandmother that I am known to be, I asked DIL if she wanted me to go beat up the whole bunch. She laughed and passed it off since she knows I'm a big chicken and probably wouldn't run a risk of either being beaten up myself or being put in jail. And I'm sure she wouldn't want to have to come bail me out.

She starts a new daycare on Monday, so today is the last day they have to deal with her. Maybe someday when she's president of the U.S, the Montesorri school will wish they could say she got her start at their school---ain't gonna happen.

I hope you've had a good week. We've had record rainfall and cool temperatures. More rain scheduled for tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam. I'm off my soapbox now.

Til next time, Pray for our country. Love one another.


Amy said...
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Amy said...

Sounds to me like the problem is with the School - not that precious angel! I'm glad that she found another school to attend.

And for what it's worth - I have yet to meet a 2yr old that will sit still for very long during lessons! Good Grief! (HUGE EYE ROLLING MOMENT!)

Marge said...

I'm with you! DO NOT MESS WITH MY GRANDKIDS! And if I ever found out for sure that they were pinching my granddaughter's cheeks, they would be in severe trouble! Call if you need me to come help you FIX those people!

Lisa said...

Between marge and ME we will take care of those people. I do not think they are suppose to inflict physical pain like that on the children. I hope that the new day care goes better. And I too can't believe they expect a TWO YEAR OLD to sit still more than 30 seconds. If she needs to...pull her out of day care and just let her go to a plain ole baby sitter where she can just PLAY!!! Good luck to you all....and especially that cute little Banty Hen!!!!

Debra said...

My own daughter was just like that. She turned out to be a very strong and confident woman and I'm quite sure this little cutie will too.

Twisted Fencepost said...

Sounds to me like someone is in a position at the school that has no business being around kids.
I'm glad she is attending a new place. Who knows how things might have ended up at the other place.

Tara Smith said...

I talked to Georgia last night. She said when she took Layne in, Aubree was already there. She said AubeeDoodle was lined up just like the other children to go outside and seemed to be doing great.

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