Friday, July 17, 2009

Looking for Will Spoon

I used to read Teensy and the Boys, even won a contest for a cookbook(which I use), but I know Will changed his blog and I can't find it. If you are out there Will Spoon, send me the link to your blog. I always enjoyed your stories and your recipes.

I used to think I'd run across you again, but have finally given up.

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Will said...

I'm over here! In the upper left hand corner of Oklahoma...see me? I'm waving.

I still have Teensy, just haven't posted there in a looong time, but I hope to return to posting after summer slows down.

My other blog, has been neglected also, but I'll return to it too after summer. Just didn't have enough hours in the day.

It's nice to know that I have been missed, thank you. Hope you are enjoying the cookbook. I'm planning to begin writing another one to have by Christmas.

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