Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Three Little Children Jumping on the Bed

Remember the song we sang as children about 10 little chillins, lyin' in the bed. 1 was sick and the other most dead.

Now the kids sing 10 little monkeys jumpin' on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head. Called for the dr, the dr said, no more monkeys jumpin' on the bed.

I had 3 children sleeping in my bed last night. Superhero and the two oldest princesses. They all spent the night with me. I slept across the foot of the bed. It was an interesting night.

I picked them up from daycare and took them home with me. They love to play together and get along very well. A lot of times two play well together, but when you throw in the third one, it's a different story. But all was well. I had to decide whose turn it was with some things. I don't like being referree. But they had a good time.

When we first got home, they wanted to watch a movie. But they had to have some popcorn to eat while they watched. It was dinner time, but you know me, the old softie, I popped some corn and they ate every last bite of it.

Then they played inside and out til almost dark. That's when the Big Bad Wolf comes out and Superhero is afraid of him(and dark rooms). They played with leggos and some other things that were mixed in the leggo box. Superhero had left a piece of rope at some point, and they played with that forever.

I eventually fed them and got them ready for bed. They all got up this morning with no complaints, ate a healthy breakfast of pop tarts for Superhero and the oldest princess. The other princess had to have scrambled eggies. We all got dressed, and waited for Superhero's mom to come. She had to take him to school becaus I only have two booster seats.

They are just so funny--listening to them talk. They can come up with some wild stuff. I think they have very active imaginations. One of the topics last night was going to college and how long you had to wait to go. Superhero thinks you go to first grade then on to college.

I had fun with the kids. They range in age from 5 to 4. Princess #1 is 5 and the other two are 4.

Who have you had fun with lately? I must know, unless it's x rated. Then you can keep it to yourself. This is a family friendly site.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Love one another.


#1daughter said...

I don't know if you're brave or crazy to have all 3 at once. Of course, I'm not sure there's much difference in being brave or being crazy so oh well.

My superhero comes home this Saturday. Then the deprogramming begins.

Lisa J said...

I have fun everyday just being on the computer reading about all of my friends and what is going on in their lives. And I love seeing how each one is so different than the others. Well some have things in common, but really each blogger is so unique. I truly feel blessed having met so many nice people via the internet.
But to have three grandchildren at one time in your home. Wow what a wonderful thing. I so wish that would be the case here at my house. But my grandkids will be so spred out in age by the time they get here that it will be difficult to have them together at one time. I envy you and the joy you must recieve to have them. You are truly blessed.

Hey where are you girls, I miss their humor on your comment pages. Have you banned them from talking to each other? I love getting to know your family. thank you.
ps, I think I saw your friend on tv last night from the Tulsa area. Made me think of you!

Mabunny said...

I've been having fun blogging, reading others blogs and such. Hubby at work, kiddo at my moms till Sunday. Been cathcing up on some good Lifetime movies and gaming on the computer.
Glad you had a great time:))

#1daughter said...

Lisa J - I'm here, always lurking in the background. That's where my family likes me the best. In the background. I think I'm adopted. I hope. Maybe???? Some day my real mommy and daddy will find me and they will be really rich and I will finally have someone who is as warped as I am to love me. *sighs*

Tipper said...

My girls use to love the Monkees on the the bed thing! I'm glad you had a good time.

Beckynsc said...

We had a great time on vacation. Back to reality is getting me down. I need to do something fun again.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

3 in the same bed. Wow! :-)

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