Saturday, July 12, 2008

Maybe Blackberry Jam

I decided I wasn't going to pay $17 for a half bushel of peaches. I'll wait until my step-mother and her husband go to the orchard and ask them nicely to pick me us a half for a still unreasonable price of $10. I like $10 much better than $17.

In the meantime, my friend Tonya and her husband are going blackberry picking tomorrow. They have found a sweet spot and have already picked some. I was telling her about the peach situation, and she said she'd pick me some blackberries if I'd share the jam. I thought that would be a good trade.

So next week, hopefully, we'll have a few jars of blackberry sweetness in a jar. I love blackberry cobbler, but I like peach and apricot preserves better. But, you take what you can get. I've made blackberry and it turned out very good the last time. But remember, that was several years ago. Maybe I haven't lost my touch.

So today, I'm going to get my kitchen very clean, and get out the utensils with which to make it. Bring in the jars I bought that are still in the back of my vehicle. Get everything washed and ready to go.

So I guess I'm going to spend my day cleaning, but tonight is when the fun happens. I called my DIL a little while ago and told her to plan something for her and the contractor tonight, cause this babysitter is ready to play with the grandchildren.

What are your plans for today? Yours might be more fun than mine and I might want to do what you are doing.

Have a great Saturday. Do something silly. Make someone laugh.


Lisa J said...

You are right on target!!! Grandma time is so important and I know you miss those little rascals. I LOVE BLACKBERRY ANYTHING. Jelly, cobbler, plain, anything. But I HATE chiggers and it seems everytime I pick berries I get the extra with it! So maybe I should send my husband to do it huh? Have a great weekend and especially a great night tonight.

linda said...

I found you through robbin's blog and thought I would come by...I loved reading about all your projects, reminding me of all mine! I canned for years! And blackberry jam is probably the best, right up there with jelly. Have you ever made jelly? Trouble is, you have to have lots of fruit to make jelly. Anyway, I am surprised about the peaches not being around. I am in California and they are just coming in nice and sweet now. I wish I had made strawberry jam this year. They were wonderful here!

Happy cleaning, canning and cobbler making(yum)!

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

Blackberries will be good, don't forget to take pictures.
Have a good day!

Beckynsc said...

I had to work today. I don't think you'll want to do that. After, I'm just taking it easy.
Have fun with the grandbaby!

Flea said...

I LOVE blackberries. Growing up there were tons of them in the weeds behind our house. We had fights with them, still managing to bring buckets of them home. And I don't like them too sweet. Slightly tart, juicy. plump. Mmmm!!!

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